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We Are Not Breaking Up

Posted on February 12, 2008

With several members of Slipknot spending time on side projects recently, the internet has been rife with rumours that Slipknot are splitting up... including one hoax purporting to be from CNN, a US news channel.

The band recently posted the following genuine message on their official website,

January 24, 2003

Hey everybody, what's up? Been awhile since we've updated this thing.
Here's the deal. We have not nor are we breaking up. We're going to be
getting together in the next few weeks to start writing the third album
and plan on hitting the studio this spring. Expect a release sometime
late this summer.
We've got a new web page almost done, so keep checking back, as we'll
have it up in the next few weeks. The new page will have more info on
what's going on with the band.
Stay sic, and we'll be seeing ya soon on the road again.


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