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Dana Dentata


Posted on February 7, 2012

Sky Arts are currently showing a series about the evolution of Metal, aptly titled ‘Metal Evolution‘. In the series musician, film director and anthropologist Sam Dunn, whose work predominantly focuses on the culture of heavy metal, explores the multi-generational phenomenon, proving that you don’t need to fit the above description in order to be taken by its evolution. Some of you may recognise Sam’s name as he is the man behind ‘Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage‘.

Though it has been criticised for decades, first and foremost by conventional parents, Metal has spectacularly proved that the ‘fittest’ music genres do ultimately survive and thrive. Whether you are a classical music fan or a head-banging, tattoo-covered teenager declaring yourself as a born-Metal-fan, this enlightening series will no doubt give you a fresh perspective on this convoluted labyrinth of intense music entitled “Metal”. The first episode aired last night and you can find more information on the series below:

Metal Evolution Ep. 1
In an episode dedicated to iconic heavy metal videos, legendary directors Dave Mallet and Wayne Isham discuss films they produced for AC/DC, Queen, Guns and Roses and Black Sabbath.

Watch: Metal Evolution Ep. 2
In the second episode of Metal Evolution, Flower power is declared dead as bands such as The Frost, Aerosmith and Van Halen explode onto the scene

Watch: Metal Evolution Ep. 3
It’s now 1969 in Britain, where bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest begin to challenge the dominance of rock’n’roll.

Watch: Metal Evolution Ep. 4
The denim-jacketed air guitarists of the New Wave fiercely fight back at punk and ban ballads outright in episode 4 of Metal Evolution.

Watch: Metal Evolution Ep. 5
Slash, Motley Crue’s Vince Neil and Van Halen’s Michael Anthony discuss the vilification of glam rock shedding light to the intricacies and controversies of the genre.

Watch: Metal Evolution Ep. 6

With the birth of thrash came breakneck tempos, disturbing and harshly barked lyrics, Metallica and Anthrax. Find out more on episode 6 of Metal Evolution.

Watch: Metal Evolution Ep. 7
Grungers Kim Thayil and Jerry Cantrell talk about the debt they owe metal giants like Led Zeppelin.

Watch: Metal Evolution Ep. 8
Sam Dunn charts the rise of nu metal, from Rage Against The Machine and Faith No More to Korn and Deftones.

Watch: Metal Evolution Ep. 9
Alice Cooper reflects on the 1969 concert that spawned Shock Rock and brought animal mutilation onstage.

Watch: Metal Evolution Ep. 10

Sam Dunn explores the rise of power metal which revived many heavy metal elements lost during the grunge era.

The series features a ton of awesome musicians including SLASH, ROB ZOMBIE, KO퐌¿N, GOJIRA, MASTODON and much more! Find out more info and how you can watch the series on Sky Arts by clicking here.


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