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Posted on December 24, 2010

Next up in our series, it’s TRIVUM front man Matt Heafy!! Check out what he had to offer up below!!

In 30 years you will be…
Hmmmmm… 30 years from now… I know I’ll still be involved in music; hell, in 30 years I won’t even be too old so I definitely have no excuse. Music, I feel is the only thing in life I really know how to do right; granted I don’t know theory or the history of music, but I know that I love it. Whether it’s creating, listening, analyzing, performing, and all that- music is always around me and always will be.

Best music moments of the last 30 years…
Countless fantastic moments in music have happened in the last 30 years: good, bad and ugly. But if this is a dedicated interview specifically geared towards the answers I would respond with, for me, the greatest thing that’s happened in at least my life-time is having music go from something I saw as a hobby to a full-blown lifestyle. Music has given me everything I have: a band, a job, a family; and I will always deeply respect it for all of that. So for me, it’s being in the band that I am in today.

Highlight of your career thus far…
All past events aside, I feel the highlight that stands out the most to me is where we are as a band in creating our new record. Right now, we have 15.5 songs written already; with vocals, solos, album title, art direction, art directors (who happen to be good friends), video ideas, merch ideas, staging ideas… we have a whole new world in the works for our band. It feels simultaneously like a new beginning, just as much as it feels like the first real time our band is actually coming into fruition of our own.

Crappiest moment in music in the last 30 years
The “crappiest” is a tricky thing. There are copious amounts of deaths, mistakes, bad music movements, bad people… the list would be too big if encompassing multiple moments. Honestly, the principle that music can even have crappy moments is the crappiest moment to me. Music is the escape from everything else; it shouldn’t be another bad thing about the world.

Album from your generation that will be legendary in 30 years
Our next album. Ha ha.

Roadrunner classic album or artist.
Slipknot – Slipknot. What makes it a classic? I’ve talked this CD up for ages, but this is another band that not only inspired me to start up playing music as a kid, but it’s a band that still drives me today by doing exactly what they want to do.

Watch out for a brand new album from Trivium in 2011!!!


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