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Posted on January 16, 2009

Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH has posted on the bands OFFICIAL SITE about the progress made on the new album so far…”

“We are on the last day or so of drum tracks, and barring the debacle at the top of the session, we have been able to maintain the typical Vic quality with the recording.

Chris Broderick has been coming down more and more and it really is starting to feel like a band again (sometimes it feels more like a session when we break after a tour and the time lapse, before we feel like we are in stride again).

James [Lomenzo, bass], of course, lives down here and has been working with me daily, and has been relentless in his work on this project and the additional stuff that we have been doing for the last few months.

I expect James AND Chris to start playing within the next day or so, as well as myself, and I am really excited about going to the NAMM, and after that, there is just the rehearsals and the flights and we are once again … on the Killing Road.

According to a post on BLABBERMOUTH, Dave Mustaine recently told Revolver magazine that MEGADETH’s upcoming CD will contain:

“…stuff that’s melodic like nobody’s business, stuff that’s heavier than hell, and stuff that’s a combination of both…The way I write, I’ll play a riff and tape it and save it. And if I don’t use it now, I’ll use it later. The very first song I ever wrote, ‘Rust In Peace… Polaris’, didn’t appear on anything until the fourth MEGADETH record. Right now, there are about 20 songs that are in the making, and there’s another good 25-to-30 hours worth of guitar riffs on tape. And I’ve also got a lot of old lyrics I’ve assembled over my career. Some of it’s relevant to this day and age; some of it is stuff that, if I released it, would probably get me in a lot of trouble. Those songs deal with a lot of the anger that I felt when I was younger and reading things like [the 1971 underground manual for making homemade explosives] ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’.”

Don’t forget that all the current members of the band are blogging HERE AT THE OFFICIAL MEGADETH MYSPACE on an ongoing basis, so subscribe NOW.

Megadeth tour with Judas Priest and Testament next month. Click HERE for full dates and buy online links.

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