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Roadraging Wolverhampton

Posted on February 12, 2008

Were you at Roadrage Wolverhampton? James Black was and this is what he had to say about it. OH MY GOD! What a night! After attending the recent Roadrage show at the Wolverhampton Wulfrun, I can officially confirm it was the best gig and day of my life! Myself and my mates, being huge Chimaira fans, were immediately on our way to Wolverhampton Monday morning to go to the Chimaira signing at Highway 61 (a small music shop). I had all of my items ready to be signed, including both Chimaira album booklets, posters, a piece of paper, my wallet and ticket! It was like climbing through a mosh pit when reaching the desk where the band were signing (the desk actually being the counter), but luckily I managed to get most items signed, and also take some excellent photographs. However, we left the shop and realised we weren’t satisfied! Therefore, we decided to wait until every other fan had left, and go back in for more! It was the best moment of my life, getting to properly talk to the band with no one rushing you. When the band were taking a walk around the shop, I heard Mark Hunter talking about the lack of death metal CDs, and Matt (one of the guitarist’s) discussing Mushroomhead’s new album! All of the guys were really cool and I will never forget meeting them! After the signing we headed straight for the Wulfrun, where we started the long wait for the gig to start. With hours and hours to go, we fortunately managed to hear Spineshank completing their sound check, by leaning against a door at the side of the Wulfrun building! If things couldn’t get any better, I also met the Spineshank bassist later on in the day! Finally, the doors opened and so myself and my friends (being freezing cold at the time) eagerly entered the building and headed straight for the barrier at the front. Chimaira opened with ‘Power Trip’, and before I knew it they had finished with ‘Pure Hatred’! Their set was way too short, and they played only one song off their first album- ‘Pass out of Existence’, this being the furious ‘Severed’. However, I was promised by Mark Hunter at the signing that they would play more on their official headline tour next February 2004. Believe me, you’re missing out if you dont see Chimaira live! Ill Nino were next on, opening with ‘If You Still Hate Me, the song they normally open with every time they perform. I feel they have improved now they have two new members, and Cristian certainly knows how to pump the crowd up! The new stuff off ‘Confession’ was excellent and amazing to hear, Ill Nino have true talent when playing live! The headliners, Spineshank, completed the insane show, with what I feel as ‘Dead To Me’ being their best performance (off their recent album). During the set, the singer Jonny, noticed how tired and battered people looked in the pit, as Chimaira and Ill Nino had completely destroyed too! As the night finished, I was on the train home, tired, bruised, and overwhelmed with the days outcome. RoadRage Tour 2003 was the best time of my life, and I wish I could only turn back time and go again and again! Thanks to all three bands and the fans who went, 10/10! Cheers RoadRunner. James, little something in the post to you… great write up.


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