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Roadraging Cardiff #2

Posted on February 12, 2008

Two things. One: a shout out to Richard Jones from Gloucestershire… who stood front and centre of the pit for the entire night at Roadrage Cardiff. His very first gig ever it was too… hope you had a very metal night Richard… see, we said we’d put your name on our website. Two: “Awesome on a stick!” That’s how Matt describes the show in Cardiff. Quite right we say too… read on for more. Hmmmm….. How to review a night out with the likes of Ill Nino, Chimaira and Spineshank in Cardiff…. The only words that come to mind is “awesome” and “stick”. Becasuse that’s exactly what it was! That concert was awesome on a stick! The gig was fukin off the wall, it was in insane! Chimaira should have been on WAY longer than they were, they were brilliant. They were incredible live and it was great to see every member moshing in unison! And my head is still killing me from when they did their trademark as “Moses” parted the “Red Sea”!!!! When it comes down to Ill Nino…. Well… quite frankly… I was a little disapointed. They were a great band, getting the crowd really worked up, but I felt as if they lacked a bit of stage presence. And their music seems to have calmed down a little, which was a let-down because my adrenalin was still racing from Chimaira! But still, you guys were awesome! And for Spineshank……? Words cannot describe how fukin insane the crowd went with EVERY song they played! They fukin tore the whole building down!!!!! I was especially excited when they played a few old song such as Asthmatic, New Disease and Synthetic which are definitly in my top 5 of favourite songs of all time!!!! When they played New Disease, the song was so orgasmic I jizzed in my pants……. 3 times!!!! When Jonny shook the hand of every crowd-surfer doing “Beginning of the End” I thought that was safe as Fuk, I’ve seen nobody EVER do that and couldn’t help but of what a dude he is! And more importantly, I managed to obtain one of Mikes plectrums!!! Hehe!!!!! Overall….. I’m not going to compromise, this was the best concert I’ve EVER been to and It’s gunna stay with me until I’m old and senile…. because then I’d lose my memory, y’know, forget my name shit my pants…. but still, you guys are awesome on a stick. Matt Rohman Awesome on a stick. We like. Check your post Matt.


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