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Roadraging Birmingham

Posted on February 12, 2008

These words on the Birmingham Roadrage show (feat Killswitch Engage, 36 Crazyfists, and Five Pointe O) emailed in by Owen Bain… thanks for the review Owen, glad you had such a kickass time. “Never have I so eagerly awaited a gig, as I had Roadrage. 3 phenomenal bands, all favourites of mine, especially Killsiwtch Engage, who I have been waiting to see since the album came out! I had to travelled all the way from Surrey to Birmingham to get to the show, on my own! Damn worth it too. I got there really early, and Mike D from KsE took me inside to watch the soundcheck, where they played ‘Element of One’. This was my first taster of Howard’s vocals, and OH MYí¢ä‰åŒ_. Even just in the soundcheck I could tell that not only could he handle the hardcore the vocals but also the melodic vocals. Adam and Joel are such good musicians as they were just jamming on their own, playing some quality stuff. The Academy was quite small, but quite packed, Five Pointe 0 opened with a blistering set, that really warmed the crowd up. ‘Breathe Machine’, ‘Double X Minus’ and ‘Untitled’ sounded especially good. Daniel Strubble has amazing live vocals! Next on were 36 Crazyfists, who a lot of the crowd were eagerly awaiting. They didn’t disappoint! ‘Slit Wrist Theory’ really blew the roof off with everyone singing along, as well as ‘Turns To Ashes’ another popular song. Amongst their set they played Faith No More’s ‘Digging The Grave’ which was a very popular inclusion. Next up the band I had been waiting for. From ‘Numbered Days’ to ‘Temple From The Within’ they were nothing short of perfect. They were such a tight live band. Mike, Joel and Adam, seemed to play off the crowd’s energy and each other. It seemed as if Howard Jones had been playing with Killswitch Engage for ages, not just a couple of months! He stalked the stage like a lion. His stage presence was unbelievable, it was so intense and he didn’t let up for a minute. Tom was a demon on the drums, he is so talented. Not only did they play all of the new album, except Just Barely Breathing, they played ‘In the Unblind’ off their self titled album, my favourite song. And it fucking ruled live. Adam and Joel are seriously awesome guitarists, especially Adam with his backing vocals, and he could play the crowd so well, he even licked his guitar neck a few times, old school styly! Mike swings his bass like an axe throughout the set, he slayed, no wonder his managed to break his Thunderbird Bass in the US while playing! That was definilty THE best gig I’ve ever been to. Adrenaline did not want to stop pumping I was on a high till the next day. The night was still young and I went to the local metal club ‘XLs’ for the Roadrage after show party and got to hang out with some of KsE. Mike and Adam, are truly the nicest guys I’ve ever meet. Mike and the 5.0 bassist were hilarious to watch imitating the headbangers in the old school section. I managed to get home at 10am on the Sunday having got up at 5.30am the previous day. Well fucking worth it though. I just bought a ticket to go see them again in London.”


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