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Dana Dentata

Rhythm virtuoso Dave Mackintosh, fills us in on the Dragonforce UK tour.

Posted on February 12, 2008

Dragonforce’s rhythm virtuoso Dave Mackintosh has taken time out of his hectic schedule to update us on the bands current UK tour once again. SOUTHAMPTON 30/12/06 HOLY FUCK!!! the rooms we’re playing are getting bigger and bigger! sold out again, by the time I haul my ass out of bed and enter the venue, the stage/rig/lights and backline are all up and running, what an awesome crew! (mind you, I got out of bed at around 3-4 pm). The trampoline thing got off to a flying start, 2 pretty girls (one of which was particularly “buxom”). So they go on, start the bouncing, crowd goes fecking nuts, then the “buxom” ladies pistols made a run for it almost immediately, meanwhile we’re all watching from stage left, we all fucking pissed ourselves, she sort of gave up trying to capture the beasts, so turned around flashed her gash, then fucked off!!! What a start to this night eh? You don’t get that in the morning on the way to the office! So again, with intro rolling, I head up to my”office” the boys all man their stations, and the fans are absolutely positively going berzerk, even before the count in!!! Mosh pits, Circle pits and generally all manner of fun violence ensue (spelling anyone?) What a night, I don’t recall a lot after that really, but we all had fun. high point: I bought some splendid jeans. Low point: My lower half now resembles that of a chicken. quote of the day: “a hand in ya bush is worth a slap in the face”


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