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Minus The Gong

Posted on February 12, 2008

Half and Half…1/2 the members making up 36 Crazyfists are currently in Alaska (vocalist Brock and drummer Thomas), the other half are in Portland writing new material for their second album (guitarist Steve and bassist Mick)…come the end of this week, all will be back in Portland, and all will be writing. However, this time around, there will be something a bit different in the rehearsal room…what could it possibly be? 36 Crazyfists drummer Thomas Noonan stars in ‘The Dream Kit…’ Yes, it’s true. All the rumors you have heard are rumors no more…After months and months in the planning, Thomas is ordering a new drum kit – Orange County, a 4 piece kit. Did You Know? Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison plays Orange County drums. True. Thomas’ new four piece will consist of a bass drum (20″ by 20″), snare (14″ by 4″ 30 ply), and a floor tom (14″ by 12″) and rack tom (12″ by 7″). Okay, so this is perhaps not the grandest of tales, but more a line to all the drummers out there who wonder what others play. And we thought that with Thomas being in the league he is as a drummer, all you players out there might enjoy knowing what he plays. So, as for the rest of Thomas’ set up, he uses DW double bass pedals and Zildjian cymbals (three of which he cracked whilst playing shows in the UK). His cymbal set up is as follows: 13″ A custom hi-hats, 17″ Z custom crash, 18″ Z custom crash, 18″ A custom crash, 18″ K china, 20″ K ride, 6″ A splash, and 8″ K splash. As for Thomas’ dream cymbal set up? Thomas tells, “I already have my dream cymbal set up, minus the 120″ gong that I will set on fire every night!” Final words: “OH YA BABY, I CANT FUCKIN WAIT FOR THAT SHIT!!!” That ‘shit’ of course being the Orange County bass drum and toms. Thomas, thanks for the info…have a safe trip back to Portland, and we can’t wait to start hearing the new music…


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