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Posted on February 12, 2008

Amongst your web travels, please check out HitThePit.com for an interview with Wednesday 13. The interview took place on February 28th. ———————— Derek: Hey bud, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Last time I spoke with you we had an in-depth conversation about the love affair between Lady Jay and Flint in GI Joe. Will you finally admit that you had a thing for Lady Jay? Wednesday 13: No, Actually I preferred the Baroness, but her accent was so fucking annoying. Derek: (Laughs) Agreed! Besides you had no shot, she was porking Destro! So tell me how you namesake will differ from Murderdolls musically. What does it mean to have complete control over the direction of the band, and what is your ultimate vision for the band? Wednesday 13: I don’t think this a major departure from what I’ve done in the past. Murderdolls, musically was like my old band Frankenstein Drag Queens but the image was a lot different. This is a combination I think of everything I’ve done. I do what I know, and I haven’t tried to take on a new style. I just wanted something that I was a 100% in control of, so far everything has been like a complete computer print out of the vision I have in my head. Derek: Is Murderdolls still alive and well? Wednesday 13: Murderdolls is on a hiatus for now. We all have different things going on and no one knows when we will be getting back together to do another album or tour. Derek: What is the one song you are most excited about with Wednesday 13, and why? What does it mean…..please tell me you did a song about Constantine….what a great movie! Wednesday 13: There is no one song that I’m particularly excited about. I’m just excited about the whole record all together, I’m really proud of it. I love every song on the album and they were all carefully selected form a selection of about 100 songs I wrote for over a year. The first single “I walked with a zombie” is a favorite of mine and after seeing the finished video of the song it’s on a new level for me. Derek: Have you ever gotten a chance to play with the Misfits, and if not what would it mean for you to do so? Wednesday 13: I opened for the Misfits with my old band in 1998. Believe it or not, I wasn’t even a fan of them at the time and even though I’m a fan now and enjoy all of their stuff, they are not the reason I play music, or horror related themed songs. Actually, Alice Cooper has been my inspiration for what I do, as well as Twisted Sister, Motley Crue and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family..,..and Cobra the enemy!!! Derek: This is a question that might be a bit personal. But what is wrong with religion? I mean really? What is your opinion on it, and with the Pope about to kick off, what would you do if you were offered the dead Pope’s job? Wednesday 13: Religion is okay, if you keep yours to yourself and don’t shove it down everyone’s throat. I live in the bible belt of North Carolina where there is a church on every corner and an I love Jesus bumper sticker on every car, so I’m basically surrounded by it. If people need religion to make themselves complete and happy, then I have no problem with it, just dont throw it on me. The Popes job looks boring as fuck, and I sure as fuck wouldn’t want it. Derek: (laughs) Awesome! Any lasting impressions you would like to leave folks with about Wednesday 13. Wednesday 13: I just want people to have fun when they see my show or listen to my music. If your looking for the answers to the worlds problems you’ve came to the wrong place. Derek: Last question! Is Megatron more powerful then Optimus Prime? (laughs) Wednesday 13: Of Course Megaton is more powerful. Heres a question for you…is Starscream from Transformers voice actually that of Cobra Commander?? Derek: Good question I have always thought that it was the same person, but was far to lazy to do the research. But great observation! Best of luck with things, and hope to see you spooking around New England soon. Wednesday 13: Thanks! ———————— REMEMBER: Wednesday 13 Transylvania 90210 in stores 11th of April Also to celebrate the release A Monster Masquerade Ball will be held on April wednesday 13 at the London Islington Academy gig. See what we’ve done there, clever eh. The person at the gig with the best ghoul/horror attire will win two tickets to the aftershow to meet the band, a signed CD/poster, plus one of Wednesday’s super-limited ‘Devil Doll’ puppets. So start roaming camden for your attire, and if you havent got a ticket for the london show yet CLICK HERE and snap to it.


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