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Unto Others


Posted on February 12, 2008

Dragonforces latest epic masterpiece Inhuman Rampage hits the stores this monday. To wet your appetite until then, Vadim (keyboards) from the band has put together a track by track analysis. Through the Fire and Flames: Very melodic song and at the same time energetic with many peculiar computer game keyboard sounds. Another interesting fact about it is that if listen carefully you will hear the guitar string snap at the very end of the song. Revolution Deathsquad: Leading into the outburst of power and the intensity with a lot of catchy melodies. This song is full of weird noises with guitars, keys, vocals, you name it. We tried to make instruments talk to each other on this one. You can hear it in the solo section. Lots of interesting song structure changes and cool vocal effects. You can hear that the black metal vocal is being dominant in this one. I think it makes the song a lot fuller and more chaotic without loosing the feeling. Storming the Burning Fields: Another fast one. Blast beat special with overwhelming chaos. Very busy song with a lot of everything! Tunes of guitars on this one that made our fingers steam. To me it’s like you’re driving a sports car and everything’s flashing before your eyes. Extremely intense song. Operation Ground and Pound: Title of this song might puzzle some of you but it is a term used in mixed martial arts that has something to do with fighting on the ground, Herman came up with the title but that’s not what the song is about, once again I will not give the game away. You will have to guess it. This song has definitely got lots of atmospheric keyboard sounds and catchy melodies that will stick in your head for years. It’s a very positive sounding song with a philosophical input. Body Breakdown: Another song with allot going on in it. We have experimented with the structure and the melodies in this one. It has this jazz/fusion feel to it I think. The result is a very heavy, progressive song with uplifting melodies. Can’t really tell you what the title means because it can be anything so if you use your imagination you’ll get there eventually. Cry for Eternity: Of course another intense energetic DragonForce song but in the middle section we have experimented with more cool video games inspired instrumental sections. The Flame of Youth: Catchy melodies tunes of unusual noises with guitar and keys. It has some sort of Egyptian feel to it in the middle section. This song has changed so many times. It actually evolved through out the recording process and as we gradually added bits pieces to it grew into a whole. It’s a very positive song with catchy melodies and experimental guitar work. Trail of Broken Hearts: It is a very nice way to finish of an album. I think it fits in perfectly on this record. It’s a ballad that will grow on you. It’s as if you’ve experienced the rampage and even the hearts are brokení¢ä‰åŒ_ It’s an outro so to speak that will leave you recovering for another round of inhumanity.


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