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Can Killswitch Cut It Live?

Posted on February 12, 2008

Killswitch Engage has been confirmed for the upcoming Kittie US tour. The tour is to start around July 8th and will go through mid to late August. Our boys in Killswitch Engage will play 2nd on the bill, which is 5 acts in total. Hotwire open, Poison the Well is to play directly prior to Kittie, and Shadows Fall will play directly prior to Poison The Well. Confirmed dates + routing coming very soon. Yes, we wish we lived that side of the ocean too. So, the album is awesome, but what about the live show? The following words come from the lovely Noemi Soto, and the equally rockin’ Yelena Boroda, both part of the RR US Roadcrew, who recently checked out not 1 but 2 KsE shows in New York & New Jersey… in the same weekend. Hardcore. “Since Killswitch Engage have managed to put out one of the most amazing albums of the year (yes we realize the year is only half way through) we were really psyched about seeing them at the much anticipated New England Metal fest. Sadly to say, seeing them live was like listening to the cd really loud and staring at a picture of the band. Yes folks it was THAT energetic. Sound- thumbs up, visuals – boo. So as this weekend’s two shows approached, we cannot say that we were happy little campers. What we actually got this weekend in NYC and NJ completely blew our minds. As they started their first song, what was once just a still picture has now come to life (where they got this burst of energy we don’t know, perhaps giving our two cents to their A&R guy Gitter, AKA dinner for those at the Brooklyn show, helped). From the first song to the last there was nothing but pure energy being exchanged from crowd to band and vice versa. Looking at the endless pit, there was no denying that this was an amazing show. Being that we are both children of the eighties we definitely appreciated a guitar solo of the Super Mario Brothers theme thrown in, in between songs! Which served as the background music for a certain NYC Roadrunner Teamer AKA Julia Sutowski screaming out to Jesse to “take it all off”, to which he replied “I don’t think my wife would appreciate that!!” Though despite his previous statement at the NY show, he lost his shirt at the NJ show (sadly the NY teamer Julia Sutowski was not there to witness it). So if you are lucky enough to go see them please walk up to them and say hello, for they are amazing guys who appreciate their fans. Sorry if you thought this review was too honest, we can’t help it, we’re from Brooklyn.” Yelena and Noemi Thanks for the time and the lines gals… glad you had a kickass time… twice. Expect to see the Killswitch Engage dudes in the UK before the year is out!


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