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Bringing The Review

Posted on February 12, 2008

Of course, you can go to www.roadrunnerrecords.com/FreddyVsJason and listen to the upcoming Freddy Vs Jason soundtrack and form your own opinion, but it’s always good to have a second take…Thanks to www.hitthepit.com, you now have a second opinion. Their review on this upcoming soundtrack (11/8 release date) is as follows: I have always been a big fan of Freddy. I mean…think about how cool he is! He hacked people up while Dokken busted out the classic “Dream Warriors”. Only in the 80’s could a guy with a horrible sun burn use peoples veins as puppet strings, and be put up on the pedestal the way he was. Then there was Jason, the big bruiser who beat the fuck out of people, and wore a hockey mask? What is intimidating about a hockey mask? Like I said…only in the 80’s! Welcome back to the future. Both Freddy and Jason are back, and this time they face off! So it would be fitting that this clash of the horror titans would have a soundtrack filled with…well…cheese! Thankfully, the cheese is traded in for 20 tracks of metal delight. It is the perfect soundtrack to slice and dice to. Most times a soundtrack consists of a bunch of songs you already have in your collection. Or the compilation will include re-mixed favorites, acoustic versions, or my favorite…techno versions! That is not the case with this soundtrack. New song from Killswitch Engage (with Howard Jones on vocal)…is simply AMAZING! New song from DevilDriver (Dez from Coal Chamber’s new band) is surprisingly very heavy! Sepultura with Mike Patton (Faith No More)…creative! New Ill Nino song…tribal! You also get to hear rare and unreleased material from Hatebreed, Slipknot, and Chimaira. Then there is new From Autumn To Ashes material which quite possibly could be the best tune of the soundtrack. Honestly, hardcore kids will see growth in the effort, yet still I hear why FATA is considered one of the finer hardcore acts of today! Kudos to the powers that be at be at Roadrunner for listening to peoples complaints about soundtracks. Finally labels are realizing that using the soundtrack as a spring board for upcoming releases, or including new and rare material is far more appealing then rehashing old works! Not to mention, having Howard Jones bark while Freddy and Jason duke it out sounds like a damn good time to me! Well done, and props to whomever put the compilation together! Pit Scale: 8, Two sour points, the Sevendust track is poopy, and I have heard “Trigger” from In Flames one too many times! Also, as much as I love Type-O-Negative, “(We Were) Electrocute” was a poor choice! Too mellow! Suggested Tracks: Killswitch Engage – “When Darkness Falls”, Hatebreed – “Condemned Until Rebirth”, From Autumn To Ashes – “The After Dinner Payback”, Sepultura w/Mike Patton – “The Waste”, DevilDriver – “Swinging The Dead”, Lamb Of God – “11th Hour” Track Listing: 1) Ill Nino – How Can I Live 2) Killswitch Engage – When Darkness Falls 3) Spineshank – Beginning Of The End 4) Mushroomhead – Sun Doesn’t Rise 5) Hatebreed – Condemned Until Rebirth 6) Slipknot – Snap (’97 demo) 7) Chimaira – Army Of Me 8) From Autumn To Ashes – The After Dinner Payback 9) Sevendust – Leech 10) Powerman 5000 – Bombshell 11) Sepultura w/Mike Patton – The Waste 12) Murderdolls – Welcome To The Strange 13) Seether – Out Of My Way 14) Stone Sour – Inside The Cynic 15) DevilDriver – Swinging The Dead 16) The Blank Theory – Middle Of Nowhere 17) Nothingface – Ether 18) In Flames – Trigger 19) Lamb Of God – 11th Hour 20) Type O Negative – (We Were) Electrocute


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