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Posted on February 12, 2008

Have you been watching the new Sky channel Scuzz?
Seems like each week the selection numbers for videos change, so please be sure to check your choice on the Scuzz website before voting, else you might not get what you wanted!

This week's Roadrunner numbers are:

Sinch 'Something More' #032
Stone Sour 'Bother' #037
Stone Sour 'Get Inside' #012

After 10 p.m.
Slipknot 'Wait & Bleed' #002
Dry Kill Logic 'Nightmare' #003
Killswitch Engage 'Fixation On The Darkness' #004

Also, please note that all videos DO actually have 3 number selection codes. We're received a few emails in about this, telling: "If you vote with a wrong number, the Sky system doesn't seem to let you know you got it wrong, and then your call is wasted and you don't get to see what you wanted!" Just so ya know...

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