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Posted on August 26, 2011

MEGADETH guitarist Chris Broderick will be hosting a live online chat with fans on Friday, August 26 at 4 PM PST (that’s midnight for us Brits!). In order to participate, though, you have to be a member of the MEGADETH Cyber Army (which carries a lot of other benefits with it), so head over HERE to sign up!

Everyone who knows anything about MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine knows that he doesn’t hold his opinions back. When he’s got something to say, you’re gonna hear it. And in a recent interview with the Boston Phoenix, he has a lot to say about the state of MEGADETH and the state of metal in general:

“…there are a lot of really great bands that are out, but there is also a glut of talentless bands that have appealed to a younger generation at a time when guitar solos weren’t important and times where singing with a melodic voice and more importantly, words that you can understand, those things aren’t really important anymore to bands and I think that’s probably why they have a born on date.”

Fans shouldn’t worry that Mustaine is an intimidating person to talk to, though; he says, “I don’t really know how our fans feel when they meet me because my onstage persona is totally different from my offstage persona. Something happens before I go onstage. I guess it’s kinda like Popeye and spinach or something, I just lose my concern for the menial things around me because I’m performing and that’s it. Offstage I’m a pretty reasonable guy and levelheaded. I know what I want and I’m pretty driven — but onstage I’m a madman.”

The whole interview (which includes much frank discussion of his autobiography and the “Big Four” shows with Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer) is well worth a read. Tip to journalists: Good questions inspire interesting answers. CLICK HERE to read the article in full.

next studio album, TH1RT3EN, will be in stores in October.


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