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Weekend At The Mansion

Posted on February 12, 2008

This past weekend, on Saturday, December 6th, four lucky US Slipknot fans made their way out to the Houdini Mansion in LA to meet the band, and hear the new music. The four contest winners (as picked previously from a RR US competition), were picked up by Roadrunner’s LA press person (Maria Gonzales) at 3:30pm sharp, in the lobby of the Hyatt on Sunset Blvd. At said time, she blindfolded all four contest winners, and along with John (gent who has been filming many-a-moment from the recording of Slipknot’s new album in the mansion), stated making their way to the Houdini Mansion. “It was cool…yet kinda weird,” tells Matt, one of the contest winners about the beginning of the journey. After driving around for a about 15 minutes, Maria hung up her cell, turned back, and snarled, “Slipknot ain’t ready for ya, yet.” At said point, Matt relays his thoughts turned to “thinking what are they gonna do??? Line us up in a corner and throw shit at us?” Ahh, the initiation into the world of Slipknot? Around 4pm, the van pulled into the Houdini Mansion, where Slipknot has been recording their third studio album over the past few months. Greeted by Corey, Joey, Mick, Jim, Craig, and Chris, the four unsuspecting souls were taken out to the back, where they were tied up, thrown into the pool on the estate grounds, and left submerged under water until they could free themselves, like the great Houdini himself. Actually, strike that last line. At said point, the four were taken into the mansion, behind the mixing board, where all the magic has been happening. There, these four guys were the first people outside of camp Slipknot to hear the new music the band has been writing and recording. They heard 4-5 new tracks. “The new stuff, dude, sounds phenomenal,” tells Matt. “Not only is the music better, but the sound is better,” he continued. “(The first song played) was an into, I think, very ominous…but maybe it was a full song, it was like 3 minutes long. Then they went into some fast stuff. Then Mick said, ‘wait till you hear the heavy stuff.'” At which point, apparently all in the mixing room laughed…”because this WAS heavy,” explained Matt. “But he (Mick) was being serious.” Matt’s last words on the new music, “it’s way more intricate, heavy, sounds way better than anything they have done before.” Another winner, Edgar, remembers the day a bit differently: “Saturday was quite an exquisite afternoon. We were blindfolded…raped by Maria…it was filmed by this short white-dude named John…and we were forced to listen to country music inside the Houdini Mansion…oh…and did I mention that in order to get inside they had to perform and enema on all four of us?” In all seriousness (though Edgar did indeed write the above words), Edgar – who happens to play guitar himself – finally tells, “it was a great feeling to see that I am not the only 6’4″ jolly-green-giant that is playing music professionally. Mick Thompson and Jim Root have now become my muse. Everything I do musically now will be because of their musical influences. Thank you all for the opportunity of a lifetime…” There you have it. It is real. New Slipknot is on the way. To the four winners, glad you had a great time, thanks for participating. You have the distinct pleasure of being the only four people in the world outside of camp Slipknot to have heard any of the new Slipknot. For the rest of you, you can check out Slipknot’s PHOTO GALLERY for 14 pics from the day. This is just the beginning. new Slipknot coming early 2004


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