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HOC Digi and Latest Album News

Posted on February 12, 2008

Spineshank has been back in the United States for a while now. What have they made of their time? Since their return, they have basically checked themselves into a rehearsal studio at an undisclosed location in LA, and set it up with a pro-tools recording system. What is pro-tools? In a nutshell it’s state of the art recording equipment used in about 99% of the recording studios in the world – by the way, don’t ask where that percentage came from, it could be way off…it is just there to prove a point… They have been practically “living in the rehearsal room” for the past three weeks – word is they only go home to sleep. Word is also they are working on a 6 day/week schedule, most likely sleeping in on Sundays. They have been writing, recording rough songs and rough ideas of songs. Kevin Estrada, their A&R Rep here at Roadrunner, tells they have about 4-5 solid tracks down without vocals. This week they are throwing around harmony ideas for those tracks. “They are so into the music right now. I’ve never seen them so dedicated. It’s amazing,” Kevin proudly informs. In other Spineshank news, you can catch music from their The Height Of Callousness release on the upcoming Sony PlayStation 2 game Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder, brought to you by the makers of the Cool Boarders series and the Tony Hawk series. The track “New Disease” is featured in the game, and you can catch a preview of it online (“New Disease” can be heard on the Movie 3 demo). Did you catch a date on the UK tour? They flew home on Sep 15th – right after we took them out to a(nother) London rock club for drinks and debauchery the night before… Check out our instore photos. You can see the live photos of the tour all on www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk. Also, read a few words direct from Tommy on their visit…”I wanna thank all our friends and fans in the uk for making our first uk headlining tour such a success. It has been a long time since we had been there and i thought that maybe you had forgotten about us, You definitely showed us otherwise. T he uk tour also marked the end of a solid year on the road supporting the height of callousness and i cant think of a better way to end an amazing year for spineshank. We have already begun working on a new record which will hopefully be out by next summer but we are in no rush, we want to give you the best spineshank album possible, how ever long that may take. And dont worry, the new cd will be heavier, more intense and more dynamic than H.O.C! Well, ive gotta run, for more info on the new record check www.spineshank.com as we will be doing monthly reports. talk to you later” Tommy Spineshank The band have completed a video for the track “New Disease” off The Height Of Callousness and you can see it right here on the website. ‘New Disease’ was released as a single on September 10th. The tracklisting is as follows: 1. New Disease (edit) 2. The Height Of Callousness (Fist F*ck Integrity Mix) 3. Asthematic (Punctured Lung Mix) 4. New Disease (video) For your viewing pleasure, Spineshank’s guitarist Mike Sarkisyan sent in some photos from the US Ozzfest tour. You can check them out on Spineshank’s website www.spineshank.com. (Click on the IMAGES link, and then look for TOUR PHOTOS) As the photos on that page are from various shows throughout their current tour, the 11 pics that Mike just sent in are at the bottom…so start at the bottom and work your way up. Take a look at the video for ‘Synthetic’ – full-length as real media or as a short quicktime clip! A limited edition Digipack CD of ‘The Height Of Callousness’ is out now to combat expensive US imports. It features 4 bonus tracks and both videos. The full track listing of the digipack version of ‘The Height Of Callousness’ is: 1. Asthmatic 2. The Height Of Callousness 3. Synthetic 4. New Disease 5. (Can’t Be) Fixed 6. Cyanide 2600 7. Play God 8. Malnutrition 9. Seamless 10. Negative Space 11. Transparent 12. Perfect Ending * 13. Full Circle * 14. The Height Of Callousness (Fist F**k Integrity Mix) * 15. Asthmatic (Punctured Lung Mix) * 16. Synthetic (video) * 17. New Disease (video) * * = bonus tracks It’s available for 퉌£12.99 from HMV, Virgin, MVC, Andys, and all good indie stores. Also check out the MP3 in our ‘Downloads’ section!


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