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Posted on February 12, 2008

Alex Sutcliffe gives us an honest review of Bleeding Throughs recent Manchester Show. ————— Well I’d been waiting to see Bleeding Through for over 2 years now. Having heard the Trustkill album on its release, when I heard they were coming to Manchester I went straight out and bought a ticket. So anyway, on with the show. First up was “The Nothing”. They sounded promising, the guitar work was catchy and the drums fit well, I think the vocals need some work, and hope to see them again soon (because two are members from the legendary “send more paramedics”). The main support was as with all shows, “Cult of Luna”. I came to the gig with some preconceptions of the band I can’t say I was a fan of the one song I’d heard previously. Although the songs were quite repetitive and really didn’t get me in the mood for Bleeding Through, you had to feel sorry for them when the power cut off. Nevertheless the show went on, and they played some crazy music, with some weird instrumentals and so on. Good stuff nonetheless. Bleeding Through just tore shit up. There’s nothing else to say. Brandan is the best front man, crowd surfing, “tumbles”, and constantly let everyone sing into the mic. It was great, everyone sung along to the intro to í¢ä‰åñlove lost in a hail of gunfireí¢ä‰åŒ and Marta played some random samples throughout the set. These guys were fucking on fire. Scott (guitars) caught me in a bit of a rest, so pulled my hair up and down to get me head banging again, Brandan let me sing into the mic countless times, and was actually smiling! I know how rare that is for that guy. The pit was fucking mental, and the whole front row just went psychotic. I can’t move my neck now. They played two new songs, “the truth” and “love in slow motion” which sound really good. I want the new album now damn it! A few oldies, but not many, rise, our enemies, saviour, saint salvation. And closed with on “wings of lead”. If you missed these guys you won’t know how good the gig was. After the show, Brandan came back to thank everybody. We got our cds signed, talked to everyone and just got to tell the guys how much the music meant to me, and he went on to say that’s what their all about, which made me smile, because their music got me through so much shit two years ago. Anyway, it was seriously a great experience. My favourite band. Hands down. One of the best shows I’ve been to as well. Thanks to Brandan for just being a fucking down to earth guy. And if you weren’t there. You missed something special. More than special. Bleeding Through will take over the UK, and they’re a band you cannot afford to miss in future. ————— It was worth reading, wasn’t it? If only for the bit about how he can’t move his head. Made me smile 🙂 Don’t forget Bleeding Though – The Truth is set for release this septmeber.


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