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Posted on February 12, 2008

Metal-rules.com recently conducted an interview with DEVILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Metal-Rules.com recently conducted an interview with DE

VILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Metal-Rules.com: DEVILDRIVER was supposed to tour with VENOM last year. How disappointing was that when that got cancelled?

Dez: Really bad and really fucking disappointing in the way that they reacted. Those are heroes of mine and what happened is they postponed their tour TWICE, and as soon as they called us back and said, “Okay, NOW we're ready to go. Are you going to do the tour?” We said, “Well, no. We've already got Australia booked,” and then they went on Sirius radio and said some extremely negative things about me and so now, if I ever see that fucking singer [Cronos], I don't care if he's a legend, I'm going to fucking grab him by the throat and teach him what responsibility is all about. You can put that in press. I hope it's everywhere right now because I owe that motherfucker a lashing. He's nothing but an old man that should have never said shit about DEVILDRIVER because we waited. We put off TWO tours to tour with those guys and they kept putting their stuff back and putting their shit back because ticket sales weren't selling. They were saying that their visas were being revoked and when they finally got some ticket sales going and some marketing happening, that's when they called us back for the tour and we already had plans. Then he said REALLY negative shit about me and my band, so fuck that dude! I don't care what a legend he is or thinks he is but when I see him, I'm fucking going to confront him physically.

Metal-Rules.com: That's really shitty, too. I mean, not just on a professional level but on a personal level being, like you say, they were heroes of yours…

Dez: Shitty dude!!! I'm wearing a VENOM shirt right now while we're talking. Right now! And now I think everybody that just says they like VENOM just wants to be fucking cool because the guy's a dickhead and I've only seen like two of those in twelve years, I swear to god. Everybody I've ever run into from, like we said, from [Dave] Mustaine to [Philip] Anselmo and to Ozzy have all been the most down to earth, cool guys. But that dude should have never fucking opened his mouth against me and my band. DEVILDRIVER will take that band apart and he should just go….go fucking get a job at Wal-Mart because he's done.


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