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At The Crossroads

Posted on February 12, 2008

Last night in Augusta, Georgia, doubleDrive hit Crossroads Bar on their current tour with Finger 11 and Echo 7. Before moving forward, let’s look back. Some random notes from the band on the past couple of weeks are as follows: Mt. Clemens, MI – first night of RA tour. Had a jam session in the lobby for radio cats on air in Detroit. Carolyn Stone – a DJ from Detroit – wants to do vox on a hard song next time we’re in town. Chicago Heights, IL – missed Jell-O wrestling by one night…their big weekly event. Would have been fun. Edgerton, WI – packed house. Venue is right on the river, shot off fireworks on the water – shooting for the boats, did not hit him. Got obliterated with RA (good supply of Crown Royal and such on their bus). Northampton, MA – great show. Packed house. Let’s see…what happened that night? Jessie Moss opened for us, we enjoyed the visuals…a lot. Hit a bar next door and had drinks with a bunch of people from the show. Hartford, CT – benefit show for the Rhode Island victims. With fans and family members of some of the victims (along with some other bands), we had an acoustic sing along in the dressing room. Various songs. It worked into ‘what songs do you know?’ with Fred Coury and Stephen Percy. We headlined, and had an all star jam afterwards – “Immigrant Song,” “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming,” “Whole Lotta Rosie,” and “Round And Round” were some of the songs played. A thanks to Kevin Wilson for the effort. Portsmouth, NH – Muddy Rivers (see upcoming Road Chow review), great bbq. Small, but intense crowd. Cool video stuff in the venue, hat goes off to production dude at the venue. Orono, ME – James from Manmade God shooting fireworks in a state where illegal, and drinking in the parking lot. Donnie threw an apple in the air as high as could, however it landed right behind a bouncer, missed head by inches (but did spray on him)…lucky he didn’t kick Donnie’s ass. Bouncer was smiling by the end. We live to throw apples another day. Albany, NY – Debbie’s Deli (see upcoming Road Chow review). If you go Albany for any reason, you must go. First show with Finger 11. Excellent band, good guys. The club people were cool, the pizza was awesome. Farmingdale, NY – friends from Roadrunner were out – Kaso and Elias. Troy voted the staff one of the most beautiful bar staffs. doubleDrive shirts handed out that night, and they were tight that evening. Troy won water bottle toss into trash cans over Echo 7…along with all the prestige that brings. Ortley Beach, NJ – Troy touched the water, Donnie never touched the sand. We were there literally three hours, in & out. Some fans that drove four hours to see us, missed the show (it was an early one)…but they were rewarded nonetheless. Today, we pick back up, looking forward to getting back in the groove…ain’t no smooties in Augusta.


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