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New Soulfly Website

Posted on February 12, 2008

So, you’ve got your Soulfly homework cut out for you – three times over. One, new Soulfly website. Actually, new address too. Yes, www.SoulflyTribe.com still works like a motherfucker, but in case you have yet to be hipped to the fact, www.Soulfly.com will now take you there too. Check it. Two, and Three, there is a new Soulfly page up which can be seen at www.RoadrunnerRecords.com/3. Why does this count as “two” and “three”? Why because you can check out streams of both “Enterfaith” and “Seek ‘N’ Strike” off the 3 release, silly. Video! “It was so hot, people were puking,” tells Christina from Oasis Management. “I don’t know if you should write that, but it’s true,” she continues. “Mikey actually burnt his hand from picking up his guitar which was laying in the sun. Blistered his thumb.” Now that’s hot… The above, all true. All taken from this past Saturday’s (June 1) Soulfly “Seek ‘N’ Strike” video shoot. Maria Gonzales, Roadrunner Media Relations, was present at the shoot. Her account of the day is as follows: “The video production crew arrived at the location at about 5am to start setting up for the shoot. Things kicked off at around 8am. Lots of band footage was taped during this time because the heat was not so bad, but as the sun began to poke through the clouds the temperature rose to a scorching 110 degrees. This is abnormal for Phoenix this time of year according to the locals, it is usually only 100 degrees. Whatever…hot is hot. Once the first leg of band performance was filmed, it was time to film the “tribe”. At this point we were at the hottest point of the day. The “tribe” consisted of young adolescents with their faces painted in tribal war paint walking through the desert in search of their fearless leader, Max Cavalera and his bandmates. The “tribe” stumble upon the band rocking out the chords of “SEEK ‘N’ STRIKE”. A mosh pit ensues and the when the song is over, the “tribe” jumps up and down in hysterics. The video then takes us to the river bed where Soulfly are joined by their loyal “tribe” for a rainshower. A water truck was brought onto the scene to spray Max and crew with water as they stood up on rocks to celebrate the band’s performance.” All in a day’s work.


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