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Posted on September 12, 2013

Lithium Magazine caught up with Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini to chat about joining the band, teaching, & the new record. Click here to read the full interview. When asked about stepping behind the kit after Portnoy, Mangini had this to say; “It was a split feeling. First of all, I don’t mind being asked about it over and over because maybe someone will read this and it will inspire them. Who knows what good it (talking about Portnoy) can do? I KNOW it can do some good. The thing is, I was split because I know as a drummer who has made a living replacing people and mimicking – literally mimicking drummers from the times I could play the drums early on (when I was age 4) until right now – my job is still to mimic people. I KNOW that on one end of it not one single drummer can sound exactly like another drummer. So that’s a little bit scary, especially with Dream Theater fans – them being so educated and aware, in particular. They are going to hear every little thing that’s not quite the way that it should be. So that’s a little bit frightening to me. I know that truth. I can’t sound like Charlie Watts, but I’m pretty good at mimicking him. The other thing is that I feel great about it, because I have a physical ability to do it. Physically I can play the song lefty and righty, and mix up lefty and righty, which is what I do live. So the physical things aren’t the issue. It’s just that on one end of it I feel like it’s something I can’t do to ANY drummer, and that’s sound exactly like anyone else. But I can still hit the drums and continue to get work the way I have been my whole life which is by mimicking people. So it’s all good.”

Dream Theater’s highly anticipated new self-titled album will hit stores on Sept 23rd.

You can pre-order now on


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