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Posted on August 1, 2012

With the release of SLIPKNOT’s ‘Antennas To Hell’, we’ve gone a bit nostalgic and have been posting our favourite memories on a timeline and collecting fan photos of their favourite SLIPKNOT memories for our ‘Antennas To Hell’ photo book. SLIPKNOT has played a massive part in fans lives but this also extends to fellow musicians. ARTISTdirect have collected a series of thoughts about the band from other musicians and you can check out what the Roadrunner artists past and present had to say about the band:

When did you first hear or see Slipknot and what made you a fan?

James “Munky” Shaffer // KO퐌¿N

“I came off of a tour and heard their first record [Slipknot (10th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD)]. Ross Robinson gave it to me in 1999. He said, ‘Listen to this. It will change your life.’ I couldn’t believe some of the riffs I was hearing. That level of intensity and anger was something I always wanted my own band to accomplish. We played a European festival with them, and I remember them walking around backstage in their masks. They were super intimidating, even though they’re just normal guys [Laughs]. Paul Gray was probably one of the nicest most down-to-earth people ever. I can’t say enough good things about that guy. Having Ross Robinson as a producer early on, we all come from the same family as far as similar ideas about music. It’s unspoken, but we had some kind of connection because of that. When Joey Jordison was playing with us, he brought a different feel to it altogether. Actually, Clint Lowery [Sevendust] was playing with us at the time doing background guitars. He brought up that maybe Joey would be available, and I thought it would be the coolest thing. We found out he was down to do it. There might be some video footage of me freaking out and saying, ‘Yeah, I can’t believe it!’ [Laughs] The first time he came in and jammed with us, there was a lot of excitement, especially after the ups and downs we had been through. I like Iowa. There’s something raw and real about that record. People could take a lesson from that album. That record is my favorite. Everything about that album is incredible. It has all of the elements that make a great metal album. What those guys through, their process, and dedication shines right there on Iowa. We’d love to tour with them! A boy can only dream [Laughs].”


“The first time I was aware of them was OZZfest. They were on the second stage, and we were on the main stage. It was in 1999 with Black Sabbath. I didn’t see them then though. I would always see these guys walking around afterwards without their masks, and they would have the black stuff around their eyes. I was like, ‘What the fuck is up with these guys?’ [Laughs] I never saw the show! For whatever reason, I could never get over to the stage. Their live show is phenomenal. Joey was in our band for a couple of tours, so I feel like I’ve toured with Slipknot, but I’ve actually never toured with them [Laughs]. I just had some of Slipknot in the band. That would be a great tour.”

Aaron Lewis // STAIND

“I don’t remember the show, but I saw Slipknot, and I was completely blown away by the magnitude of aggression. It really redefined heavy aggressive music in a manner that had never been fucking witnessed before.”

John Boecklin // DEVILDRIVER

“The first time I heard Slipknot was in 1999, smoking weed in my friend Rob’s bedroom. Looking at the cover of the first album, I was immediately thrown off by the masked army, expecting hear something in the form of Insane Clown Posse. I was wrong. Of course, we all know what they sound like now, but it was such a rare moment when you’retruly surprised on a first listen. The drums and vocals spoke to me immediately. They just sounded like all-out war—plain and simple. Iowa has come to be my favorite release by them. Many bands reach that high plateau very first as Slipknot did with their first record. However, almost none truly break the sophomore slump curse like Iowa did. That record did not let me down one fucking bit, and it was ten times heavier than their debut. Iowa let everybody know you couldn’t fuck with them. It’s one pissed-off little ditty.”

Alex Varkatzas // I Am War & ATREYU

“What made me a fan of Slipknot was touring with them when they headlined the second stage of OZZfest several years ago. The show didn’t need any smoke or mirrors—just the band rocking so damn hard the earth had moved. My favorite record is Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses. It’s a diverse, mind-blowing record. It doesn’t do what you expect it too, except kick ass.”

Chris Shelley

“Fuck yes! I love Slipknot. After listening to Slipknot and reading the lyrics, I was like, ‘Shit, these guys are for real. Their music is awesome’. That was three or four years ago. Ever since then, I’ve been a huge fan of them. The lyrics are brilliant. I’d love to tour with Slipknot. It’s a high hope. The fact we’re on the same label is awesome because I love that band. My favorite record is All Hope Is Gone. All of Slipknot’s albums are incredible which makes them awesome. You can go and listen to the first, and it’s just as good as the newest one.”

Mike Hranica

“I first heard them in fifth or sixth grade, and plainly, it was the heaviest thing my friends and I had ever heard.”

Mark Hunter // CHIMAIRA

“I first heard Slipknot in 1998. I wasn’t quite sure what the hell I was hearing, but I knew I was hooked. I loved that the band was doing something fresh musically. When I saw them live, it was like a twisted evil religious experience. The intensity was beyond electric. No band can top the insanity that is a live Slipknot show. I love the first album and Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses the best. They’re great songwriters and amazing talent. The guys have always treated the Chimaira camp like family.”

Click here to read the full article on ARTISTdirect – they spoke to a ton of awesome musicians in so many different bands!

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