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Posted on April 15, 2012

You may recall us posting news about a Twitter feud that funny man DOUG STANHOPE got into with The Daily Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson recently – click here to read more – well, Doug has posted a response to Allison’s articles about him and you can read the introduction to his response below:

I can’t imagine that Allison Pearson has any friends within her profession. Otherwise someone would sit her down and stop her from making such a buffoon of herself repeatedly in a national newspaper.

Allison Pearson is a columnist for the UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph. She has also written two romance novels, a feat as impressive as a songwriter landing a jingle for a toilet paper commercial.

A few weeks ago here a man named Tony Nicklinson made the news with his fight with the High Court for the right to die. Mr Nicklinson is what they call a Tetraplegic. He’s 53 and his mind works perfectly but he is trapped in his body and can only communicate by blinking his eyes. He’s been there for 6 years. In short, Mr Nicklinson is as fucked as you can get.

His story made national news here and Allison Pearson followed it up with a half-assed, empty-calorie, op-ed piece disparaging not just the right to die but seemingly Mr Nicklinson himself.

She had very little or nothing of any bolstered argument on the issue, only snide, condescending personal jabs at the expense of a man who can only communicate by blinking his eyelids.

She suggests he should just starve to death if it’s so bad. She suggests he just go off his meds and hope for an infection, like some cruel version of Mother’s Home Remedies. All in the most sarcastic, condescending tone.

She suggests he just make the best of it like Stephen Hawking.


Read Doug’s full response on his website by clicking here.

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