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Posted on April 18, 2012

US funny man DOUG STANHOPE had a show in Cardiff last week, which was reviewed by Buzz Mag and that review is now up online. Check out an extract from the article beloiw:

Hard to gauge the precise level of good or bad done by the notion of comedy being “the new rock’n’roll,” or just plain ‘rock’n’roll comedy’. Doubtless it has opened up doors, allowed for greater freedom of presentation in standup, and maybe without it we wouldn’t be here watching American renegade Doug Stanhope’s first ever show in Wales. On the flipside, it has led to arena tours with annoyingly lavish stage sets – often for some of the least rock’n’roll comedians out there, ironically – touring theatre productions imagining Bill Hicks routines were he still alive, and, on the evidence of this evening, Stanhope fans who yell requests and applaud with their arms above their head.

So it is that bits homing in on individual audience members (they were filming him on their phones and deserved it) get applause. Bits on the Occupy movement and single-issue campaigner types, which you imagine would prickle parts of his broadly left-liberal crowd (Stanhope is a small-l libertarian, but avoids most of the dickheaded trappings of that party-cum-ideology), get bigger applause. Bits explaining why respect for the dead is largely an irrelevance (using his own late mother’s dying hours as an example) get bigger applause. And his final flourish, another rambling but meticulously detailed fantasy outlining why America is (or can be) a wonderful place, sees him joined on guitar by Henry Philips – Stanhope’s friend and tour support, who is a lot funnier than any comic who performs most of his material as upbeat folk songs has a right to be. That gets a standing ovation, because it’s the end and because he’s invited us to all stay with him in the States – “I’ve got a big couch.”

It may not be as big as St David’s Hall, but it’s a fair bet that it’s got exponentially larger over the years as Doug Stanhope’s cult status has expanded. Assuming the world remains cretinous, shite and hilarious for the foreseeable, there’s no reason he should hit a wall yet.

Click here read the full review on Buzz Mag’s website.

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Point your mouse in this direction to pick up a copy of DOUG STANHOPE’s latest DVD ‘Before Turning The Gun On Himself’.


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