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Posted on January 19, 2012

ALTSounds recently reviewed THE AMITY AFFLICTION‘s latest album, Youngbloods, describing the sound akin to former label mates ALEXISONFIRE, which we think you will agree, is an awesome comparison! Check out the review below:

So, here I am to see what all the fuss is about. Somehow the album wasn’t on my normally well-tuned, metal-radar last year. And as soon as first track ‘I Hate Hartley’ assaulted my ear-drums, I was seriously questioning how I’d let myself miss out. Why hadn’t I heard this ferocious yet melodic, soaring music before? With a style that’s akin to Atreyu and chiefly their split clean/unclean vocal battles, they have the same wonderfully dramatic way of transitioning between heavy and soft sections. Plus clean vocalist/bassist, Ahren Stringer’s tone does have quite an uncanny resemblance to Brandon Saller’s deep, velvety sound.

Every now and then through Youngbloods there’s a familiar spark that the sadly recently split, Alexisonfire used to harbour. The gone but never forgotten, highly influential Canadians possessed the key to the dual vocal formula. The sweet sultry tones of Dallas Green playing off of George Pettit’s brutal vocals were stunning to say the least. The Amity Affliction may not have their experience just yet, but that will come in time. There are definite signs of the same maturity and style developing with the two young singers here. Ahren’s strong, sincere voice in the more relaxed but still feral “H.M.A.S. Lookback” is brilliant and plays an integral part in the song’s passionate delivery. “Down where the beauty of our dreams touches the sky and the stars in our oceans become the stars in our eyes” he poignantly recites in the dramatic choruses.

“Why aren’t these guys huge?!” is one question that I found repeatedly asked about The Amity Affliction, and one that I now share wholly. Youngbloods is an exceptionally accomplished metal album with dynamic songs and touching lyrics, and so it’s odd to learn that they have travelled under the radar for so long outside of Australia. Undoubtedly with a new record deal in the bag and the re-release now in circulation worldwide, the young sextet will get the recognition they deserve.

Read the full review by clicking this link.

Pick up a copy of ‘Youngbloods’ on iTunes by pointing your mouse in this direction.


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