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Posted on January 30, 2012

REVOKER are currently on the road (what’s new!) and somewhere in between playing across the UK, they found time to sit down with HIt The Floor for an interview. Check out some extracts below:

HTF: Have you got any tips for anyone in a band trying to get a label?

J: Just gig really y’know it’s all you can do and just enjoy it. Just believe in yourself and if you’re in a band and a label decides to sign you just keep going.

C: Keep going until someone does.

J: Nowadays a label is not really a big part really as much people think y’know but the way it’s going in the next few years..

C: God knows what’s gonna happen. iTunes will probably rule everything.

J: Exactly.

HTF: So you’re with Roadrunner Records, that’s quite a big label, how did that come about?

J: Well we were just doing our album first and we call it now like a demo album and we just sent it off to a few record labels and our management as well and y’know Roadrunner took a really good interest in it.

C: Like they came out to see us, and then I think we had a letter telling us that they were interested. Which was a bit mad.

J: Email not a letter haha.

C: Stuck in the 50s I am haha.

J: Letter haha.

C: Sent to us by pigeon haha

HTF: So who’s your favourite band to tour with because you’ve done quite a lot of tours with quite a lot of big bands like Rob Zombie?

J: that was a good tour

C: That was a good tour in the sense of you played with so many people every night, but then like we’ve toured with some of good bands, do you know a band called Gio medicine, their now good mates of ours and their always good to tour with because they like to party as well. So that was a good tour as well.

J: Barnsley they’re from aren’t they.

C: Yeah Barnsley

J: Check them out they’re a really good band.

Read the full interview on Hit The Floor by clicking here.

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