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Posted on November 3, 2011

THEORY OF A DEADMAN’s charismatic frontman, Tyler Connolly, was recently interviewed by Loudwire.com. In the interview he discusses how his divorce inspired a lot of the songs from the latest album, ‘The Truth Is…’. He also covered how he writes songs, what it’s like being a lyricist, what he loves about the track ‘Lowlife’ and much more! You can see an extract from that interview below:

‘The Truth Is…’ as a whole was influenced a lot by your recent divorce. Now that you’ve let it all out there through the music, has it been therapeutic, and is it a challenge for you to sing the songs every night?

It was definitely therapeutic — for sure. I feel a lot better now; I was right in the midst of serious turmoil. There wasn’t a lot of anger, I think it was more or less just the feeling of what was I going to do with the rest of my life just because you can’t just have your job, you can’t just have music, you have to be able to go home to something. You have to be able to call someone to tell them how great the show was or how you won an award — you have to have somebody in your life. I think at that point, when we were writing the new record, I didn’t have that. And so, I was just in this rotten place and topics just came out. I guess I feel a little bad about it at this point but unfortunately it’s out there now and now it’s the people’s songs. It’s theirs to have, it’s not mine anymore.

You’ve said that having grown up as a guitar player the lyric writing was a learning process for you; do you feel that you’re in a comfortable place now when it comes to writing lyrics?

It’s definitely better now, it came later on. I didn’t start singing until I was around 20, and I started playing guitar when I was a kid, so I had all these years of guitar playing and I really wasn’t a singer and I had to figure it all out. Of course when you become a singer, and then come the lyrics. But it was just like guitar playing, it took time to figure it out. Now, I love both – I love writing lyrics and I love playing guitar.

The song ‘Lowlife’ left me wondering, what are some of your own personal guilty pleasures in life?

I like to go out wearing flip-flips with socks on, is that a bad thing?

That’s kind of bad, yes.

I just bought this piece of s–t scooter and sometimes I’ll just get on it and drive through the city on it. It’s got a tail light hanging on by masking tape and it’s blowing blue smoke. Seriously, I’m not even exaggerating. I get so many stares driving my old beat up scooter and I love it, it’s great.

You can read the full interview over on Loudwire’s website by clicking this link
. You can also see the official video for Lowlife below:

Pick up a copy of THEORY OF A DEADMAN’s lastest album ‘The Truth Is…’ by pointing your mouse in this direction.


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