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Posted on September 10, 2011

Mark Tremonti of ALTER BRIDGE was recently interviewed by Hard Rock Reviews in which he discussed everything from playing in ALTER BRIDGE to a possible Creed reunion. He also gives you the inside scoop on his custom PRS guitar – and in case you missed it, you can win tickets to one of the band’s UK dates, passes to a special meet and greet AND a signed PRS Tremonti guitar. We kid you not! CLICK HERE to enter the competition and see below for and excerpt from the interview with Hard Rock Reviews:

One of the greatest guitarists of our time, yet he’s only just getting started. Being part of two extremely successful bands by the time he is at the young age of thirty-seven, Mark Tremonti has accomplished things with his guitar that most musicians only dream of. The Alter Bridge shredder has a passion for being the best, and enjoying every bit of life that is thrown at him. If you ask me, anyone who can be good with pinball machines is a master of a whole different kind. Hard Rock Reviews’ Aaron Manogue talked to the ex-Creed, current Alter Bridge guitarist to talk about his custom PRS Tremonti guitar, his passion for the bumpers and a possible Creed reunion next year.

Manogue: I’ve heard that you’re really into collecting pinball machines. How did something like that come about for you?

Tremonti: When I bought my first house I went out and bought a pinball machine. Just driving by places thinking it would be cool to have a pinball machine in the game room. It was a Stern South Bar machine and I fell in love with it. I sold that one because I realized there are so many better machines out there. It’s probably been about fourteen years now and ever since I’ve been a real big fan of pinball. So I got online and researched the best machines and went to a bunch of different shops. I have a friend of mine, Jack, who owns the biggest pinball distribution company in the U.S., called PinballSales.com, and I’ve got a bunch of machines from him. I just kind of fell in love with it because it’s kind of a like a musical instrument because you can master a machine like you can an instrument.

Manogue: Tell me about your Tremonti PRS guitar. What’s it like to have your own custom guitar that you helped design and build?

Tremonti: I say this all the time but it’s probably the thing I’m most proud of is my signature guitar. It’s one of my biggest accomplishments I think. Looking back on my career, one of my best moments was opening that case to the first guitar that was actually my own. That was just amazing! To me, it’s the best guitar in the world because it has exactly what I need. I’m also a big fan of Fender Stratacasters and Telecasters and all kinds of guitars but the PRS single cut with my pickups in it just sounds amazing. I’m absolutely thrilled that so many other people love it too.

You can read the full interview HERE. You can find out further details on ALTER BRIDGE tour dates at THIS LOCATION.


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