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Posted on February 24, 2011

When MURDERDOLLS were in London a little over a week ago, we took the opportunity to have a chat to Wednesday 13 and Joey about their return to the UK in support of new album Women And Children Last, both for Ozzfest shortly after release and for their recent headline tour of the UK- their first in over 7 years. Seemingly the band had been enjoying their stint in the UK- a home away from home- and were positively giddy about their show in London that night- made evident by their jovial mood that afternoon…

RR: Joey, Wednesday, how’s it going?
Joey : Oh, its going, its going right now!

RR: [Laughs] So the last time I saw you guys was it when you came in for the Ozzfest show…
13 : Yes, that was last tour. We played Jinga… Jenga

RR: Oh, Jenga
13 : Jenga!

RR: And you talked about chicken…
13: I don’t know what I talked about, I was really bad hungover that day! I don’t remember – I really don’t!

RR: How was that whole thing for you guys- just coming in, doing your first headline show in the UK for God knows how long, and then bang! Ozzfest! How was that whole experience?
Joey : It was perfect, It was the perfect comeback. I think.
13: The thing that was cool about it- I think what made it better for us- was that we did all those Guns ‘n Roses support dates in the run up. We were on these enormous stages, and we were also doing some off shows, so we kinda had the upper hand- knowing we were used to playing arenas at that point- whereas had we just walked out at Ozzfest it probably would have, I think, maybe it would have been like “Oh shit there’s a lot of people”, but we had been playing in front of that many people for a while so it wasn’t that much of a shock so I’m glad we had those Guns n’ Roses things or it would have been a little more butterflies in the stomach! I mean I don’t even think it hit me until after the show. I went to the side of the stage and I was watching Ozzy, and I’d never seen Ozzy- never seen him play- before that day and I was going “woah we just played in front of Ozzy – that’s pretty cool”. So that was a very cool day.

RR: What do you guys think of Ozzy?
Joey : He’s the king, you know? I mean I’ve played Ozzfest now, probably six times. That’s three times in the US and twice in the UK, and he’s actually a real cool guy. And Jack is like the biggest Slipknot fan ever. What can you say about it, man. He’s been, seen, done it all, and Black Sabbath, of course, one of my favourite bands of all time so…

RR: What do you make of their new guitarist?
Joey: He’s really good. He’s awesome.
13 : Well, I’m better. I’m a better guitar player than him.
Joey: Oh Yeah, by far. There’s no comparison…
13: I Widdly wah all day over that guy.
Joey: He studies you a lot, I can tell
13: I know.
Joey: He’s got your instructional video.
13: I do arpeggios, spaghettio’s, all kinds of stuff.
Joey: You need some spaghetti sauce with all those noodles.
13: Finger tapping, Tap dancing, I can do all of that on guitar – it’s insane.
Joey : I brought you spaghetti sauce for Christmas for your noodles, but you don’t use it.
13: I don’t like it.
Joey: You don’t like tomatoes? What the fuck?
13: Go with what you know man.

RR: You should never look a gift horse in the mouth. The man brought you sauce.
Joey : Have you seen that horse video online? [Both crack up]

RR: I don’t think I want to now.
13: You should. It’s called [edited for your own good- ed.] Look it up. You know I’m talking about horses; you’ll never want to lead a horse anywhere if you see that video. I promise you.
Joey: You’re gonna want that horse.
13: You’re gonna want that horse to lead you to the hospital.
Joey: You’re gonna want that horse. I’m telling you.
Wednesday 13: it’s true
Joey: You want to see that horse video.
Wednesday 13: You’re gonna wanna need that. Yeah, you need that.

RR: Ok, I’m quite scared now.
Wednesday 13: You should be.

RR: Moving swiftly on… [Laughs] Returning to the UK. Your first headline tour in ages and ages and ages…
Wednesday 13: Ages, yes.

RR: Ages and ages. How’s it been?
Joey: What, are you calling us old?
Wednesday 13: Yeah, what are you saying, we’re old and stuff?
Joey: Jaysis, come on!!

RR: [Laughs] How has it been touring the country, as opposed to just playing London?
Joey: I’m satisfied.
W13: I’m satisfied with it.

RR: Highlights?
Joey: It’s been good, but Roman’s outraged.
13: He’s outraged. [Laughs] No, it’s been good. We love it here, it’s been awesome. It was once we started getting out of Europe. The shows were amazing in Europe, but it was just like by the end of that run we were all sick and we had no food. We were very excited to know that we were coming to the UK just to kinda eat healthily again, amongst playing the shows as well. So we’re in better health now than we were a few weeks ago I think.
Joey: I mean this is our home away from home. The UK for the Murderdolls, I mean, if there’s any place we always look forward to coming, it’s here. This is like, oh man, we get to the UK, finally we’re here, and we feel like we’re at home. So the show tonight is gonna be amazing – it’ll go off!!

RR: We’re at the Forum today in London and this is the third time you’ve played here?
W13: This’ll be the third Forum show, yes. I figured that out today after I realised where I was.

RR: Yeah, you were having some kind of D


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