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Dana Dentata


Posted on December 24, 2010

2010 is the 30th year of Roadrunner and so over the past week we have been chatting to some of our artists about what they have been their highlights of the past 30 years in music. Following on from yesterday’s chat with Killswitch Engage’s Mike D, today we have a chat with OPETH main-man Mikael Akerfeldt…

In 30 years you will be…
I’ll be 66 years old. Probably too old to be pumping out Bloodbath songs, but possibly still playing to equally old fans from the past and owning a record store. Massively successful of course!

Best music moment of the last 30 years.
Since 1980? Wow, there’s quite a few right? All Maiden, Priest, Accept, Scorpions, Yngwie records that were released in the 80’s. Perfect Strangers with Deep Purple….I mean, come the fuck on! Death Metal scene, Morbid Angel being the only band that really lasted for me. I can revisit their Vincent records and they’re still top class. Can’t say that about many of their peers at the time.

Highlight of your career thus far?
Has to be playing the Royal Albert Hall during the 20th Anniversary mini-tour. I mean, bands like us simply don’t get that chance, but we did and it was magical. It was a big step up the ladder for us. Separated us from the rest of the pack, he he!

Crappiest moment in music in the last 30 years.
Numerous! 2002-2003 were bad years for Opeth. Not in terms of success, but personal matters. Contemporary music is an odd phenomenon to me. It’s increasingly more difficult to find interesting stuff and on top of that, all the record stores are gone. The music scene is really flourishing but in secrecy so to speak. There are probably phenomenal bands out there that no one will hear ‘cause people stopped buying records. I don’t care what kids say, record sales are a platform you need to get out there, and unless you’re a fucking entrepreneur you’re fucked more or less.

Album from your generation that will be legendary in 30 years.
Opeth catalogue, perhaps it’s obvious!!?? Well if I have to pick records done during my time as a professional musician, it’s more difficult, ‘cause I’m stuck with my old vinyl. However, In The Nightside Eclipse with Emperor will live on, same with the De Mysteriis… by Mayhem. I don’t really like Mayhem’s music, but I can acknowledge it’s a classic and a super influential Black Metal record. There are albums I personally love but who failed to make that impact that the above mentioned records did. They were released unto the scene, and it was like “Boom”!

Roadrunner classic album.
Pestilence ‘Consuming Impulse’, all the King Diamond and Mercyful Fate records. The guitar records of the 80’s with fucking Joey Tafolla haha! I’d have to say Them by King Diamond. What a monster of an album! What makes them a classic? I wouldn’t be able to be friends with a metalhead who didn’t own and worship Them. I mean, it’s obligatory and unless you’re a fucking wimp you own that records and you know every lyric and every drumfill! haha!

Opeth are currently working on their tenth studio album due for release on Roadrunner Records in 2011. More on that in the New Year!!


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