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Posted on November 27, 2010

36 CRAZYFISTS guitarist Steve Holt is not only a key part of the writing writing team for the band’s material, but on current release Collisions And Castaways he was the producer. Clinkmusic asked him if this made the recording process harder of easier for him.

It’s probably a little harder.” he replied, “It’s definitely a lot of work and I’d be doing most of it myself. I’d be recording guitar tracks with no one else in there and I wouldn’t have someone to get feedback from. It’s hard to get the bounce back when you’re working on your own. It was a lot of hard work – between the writing and actually recording the record it has taken probably 7 months of my life making the last record. In the end it’s all worth it. I love to do it too so it all works out.”

The band have never been one that musically have been easy to categorise, but Steve goes on to tell the site that this is something they have always been aware of, staying “I think there will either be the fans who like heavier stuff thinking these guys aren’t heavy enough for me and the rock guys will probably think there’s too much screaming for me. Our whole career has been that way, which is alright with me, we’re doing something different and I’m always kind of proud of that.” Still, it’s not something that draws them to writing for a larger audience. “If we did change things up it would be for personal reasons. I listen to so much different music and I would like to do some acoustic stuff with Brock, we’ve done a couple of little things here and there but it would be fun to a do a 5 song EP of our mellower stuff, maybe some piano, or some stuff like that. I’ve always thought about it, even having a full length record that had a 5 song EP that come with it, with the mellower tracks. But I would just do it because I love it, I love singer-songwriters and it would be fun

You can read the full interview at this location.

Collisions And Castaways is in all good record stores now, or you can pick it up online HERE.


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