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Posted on November 20, 2010

When DEVILDRIVER hit the UK recently, they did so hot on the heels of the announcement that they will be releasing their fifth studio album BEAST in February 2011. When Clinkmusic caught up with drummer John Boecklin at their London show recently, it was therefore innevitable that talk would turn to ‘Beast’ and what the band have in store for their growing pack of fans…

When asked what listeners can expect from the new album, Boecklin stated, “On previous record we were really experimenting as broadly as we could. Thinking about what other concepts can we could come up with that aren’t exactly full blown metal, even though the albums are heavy metal. But this time around there was no experimenting to this record, it’s just really aggressive and attacking. You’re not gonna be thinking what the hell is that supposed to mean, or this is completely different to DevilDriver, it’s just DevilDriver on 10 the whole way through. The record sounds really eager, it feels like we are just fucking going to fall off a cliff. That was what we were aiming for and that is what we did, and it worked.”

He continues “It’s a hateful record, I can tell you that. Dez always has a positive attitude and in the past there have been positive lyrics but this record Dez is getting a lot of shit off his chest. It’s a pissed-off angry record, that’s for sure…”

Read the full interview now AT THIS LOCATION and watch out for more about ‘Beast’ in the coming months.

‘Beast’ will hit UK stores on February 21st, 2011.


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