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Posted on September 30, 2010

In a recent interview with Time Out New York, PORCUPINE TREE frontman Steven Wilson discussed the band’s recent stop at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall as well as his philosophy when it comes to his approach to his music, the way he digests other music and rivetingly the main driving force that he finds is lost among many of today’s music fans: curiosity.

It’s quite easy now to be—and here’s the thing, this is the word that for me sums up everything—it seems very easy now to live your life without, capital letters, curiosity.” states Wilson, “And curiosity, I think, is the greatest, the most underrated human attribute. Without curiosity, you never look beyond the mainstream. You never look at what isn’t being marketed to you, in terms of products, TV, film, music, whatever it is. And you never actually have the ambition to travel outside of your immediate vicinity. And these are all things that, for me, were so important as a kid. I couldn’t wait to finish school, I couldn’t wait to get out of my home town, I couldn’t wait to travel. I couldn’t wait to devour everything, all the books, all the music, all the cinema—the more obscure, the better.”

He continues, “I wonder now with all of the things we’ve been talking about, the Internet particularly, whether that same sense of curiosity is already dead by the time kids leave high school. And that’s what I write about. I know I’m generalizing; not everyone is like that, and I’ve met a lot of kids that are very passionate and very curious about life. But I was a big fan of Bret Easton Ellis, and for me he summed up the boredom of modern life better than anyone else.”

You can read the full article, where he also touches upon his recent solo effort Insurgentes,


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