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Posted on September 29, 2010

STONE SOUR front man Corey Taylor sat down with Inked recently and spoke to the mag about his work in both Stone Sour and SLIPKNOT and the themes running through his collection of tattoos.

I’m still very grounded. I think that’s because I never forgot why I do this.” Says Corey, “It’s always been more expression than anything else, and now I can let that out in a healthy way and not get wrapped up in too much angst, self-loathing, and self-pity. If you hang around too long and get stuck in that one-trick-pony moment, that’s what can happen. You can get wrapped up in a lot of your “self” stuff, and it’s ugly. Nobody wants to hear that. It’s self-aggrandizing and masturbatory. To me it makes more sense to stay in the moment and do it for the reasons that you’re feeling in that moment. I am going to be 37 in December. I don’t want to be bitching about stuff that I did in high school when I’m 50. I really don’t. I’ll play the old songs and love them and remember where I was when I was in that moment, but you’ve got to break new ground. You’ve got to be constantly challenging yourself. I want to be in this for the long haul, and if that means I play the same stuff over and over and over, that’s fine, but I want people to embrace the new stuff as well. Luckily I’ve got an audience that loves it.”

On his tattoos, Corey explains that there is an overriding theme to the majority of his ink, “Everything I have is kind of a yin-yang thing. I’ve always been fascinated by the multifaceted nature of humans. I’ve never believed in absolute evil or absolute good. I think they all exist on a sphere, and we’re constantly turning. Without getting too fucking hippie or esoteric, that’s where a lot of this artwork comes from. I have “dogma” and “truth” tattooed on the inside of my arms because I feel like we’re all constantly struggling against it. The truth is the truth, and dogma are the little rules and regulations that take away from the truth. We’re constantly fighting to figure things out. That’s the kind of message I want to say with a lot of my ink, that this whole journey is just a road map.”

We recommend you head HERE to read the full article. Well worth your time!

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