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Posted on May 28, 2010

“I would personally like to thank every single kid who has supported this band. Without them there would be no band. We wouldn”t be able to do any of this. They”ve made our dreams come true and we won”t let them down. We work 200 percent every time we play. We pride ourselves on working hard to make it worth it for the fans. So nothing but love and respect to everybody who comes to the shows, buys the CDs, and gives the band a chance.” – Paul Gray, nyrock.com, January 2000

Roadrunner Records extends our deepest condolences to the bandmates, family, friends and fans of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, who tragically passed away on May 24. Paul was a well-loved and respected member of the Roadrunner family. While the hard rock community endures a massive loss with his passing, Paul’s musical legacy will endure. Paul will be forever remembered for the intense energy he put forth on stage and the passion that he committed on record. He will be sorely missed.

To remember Paul Gray is to look back on all that Slipknot have accomplished, for as Clown stated in Tuesday’s live press conference, “Paul Gray was the essence of the band.” Join us as we listen to Slipknot in Paul’s honor, and through our shock and sadness of this difficult time, remember the passionate musician and sweet, fun-loving man who greeted everyone with a smile.

Amy Sciarretto, Director of Publicity, RR US: “Every time I ever saw Paul Gray, he always seemed to be smiling or laughing about something. He did a lot of interviews for me when I was doing radio for them and he also did a bulk of them for me when I became their publicist. I remember the Ozzfest date in August 2004 in the Pittsburgh market. I went out to cover dozens of interviews for Slipknot headlining the side stage and I remember bringing a parade of interviews, one-by-one, into this air-conditioned trailer set up behind the stage, and he knocked out every single one with a smile and consummate professionalism. He did everything that was asked of him and with a smile, making a very stressful day of interviews a smooth, seamless one. That doesn”t happen very often, but it did that day, and I always remember him being gracious.

His memory will live in my heart forever. I send all my love and support to my friends in Slipknot as they go, this is a loss that guts you from the inside out.”

Sami Westwood, Head of Online PR & Street Promotion, RR UK: “2003 saw me join Roadrunner and so I worked on all the subsequent Slipknot releases. I first met Paul when the band came in to London for promo for Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses, meeting the guys initially as they filed into Virgin Megastore for a signing, and introducing them to the Slipknot Street Team. Later that night, they played an intimate ‘secret show’ at London’s Astoria and after the show, I had some drinks with Paul and some of the others. That night I discovered Paul was a great guy who was sweet and funny and full of fun. The last time I saw Paul was just a few months ago back in the States and he greeted me with big grin and a hug. The thought that he’s gone is just too surreal for words.

As a fan of Slipknot I am shocked and saddened at the loss of a member of a band whose music truly touches my soul; at the loss of a man I admired. Having worked at Roadrunner for almost 7 years now, I mourn the loss of a really awesome guy I had shared some fun times with and who is part of some killer memories. I am distraught at the grief I see in colleagues who worked more closely with Paul and regarded him as a friend, and shudder to think of how his lovely wife, family, band-mates, management and friends are feeling. It’s all just too tragic, devastating and so so sad. My thoughts are with them all and I send my sincerest sympathies to them. Goodnight Paul. Rest In Peace.”

Mark Abramson, VP of Promotions, RR US: “You can’t really address Paul the man without addressing Slipknot the band. The nine-man-brotherhood that is Slipknot has always been, through thick and thin, ups and downs, exactly that – a brotherhood. And they were always about fans first and to hell with politics and bureaucracies. I remember early on in the debut record being so thrilled to be a part of this obviously earth-shifting band. I was both excited by them but also scared by all that it seemed they were. They seemed like they were going to be so difficult to deal with but they proved to be awesome people — they just had a strong self-realization of who they were and weren’t going to be swayed. I loved and respected them from day one. Over the years I got to know them more, I didn’t know Paul that well at first; he seemed so quiet to me, and with nine guys in the band I really gravitated towards those that I clicked with at the beginning – Corey and Joey and Jim. It was Paul who reached out to me first, not me to him, and it struck me immediately what a nice guy he seemed to be. Over the years I learned just how really true that was – he was a great guy – through and through. The “big name” guys may get a lot of the credit but Paul was also one of the most key guys in Slipknot from day one. It’s hitting me more as it settles in and it’s just not right! Paul – what can I say, I enjoyed our time together, I respected you tremendously. When we went #1 with “Dead Memories” I was so happy for you when management made sure to point out that it was your song, and I loved making that call to you to say congrats! You will be deeply missed. Much love and respect.”

Kathie Merritt, Sr. Director of Digital /Physical Sales , RR US: “Paul Gray had a love for his band that brought out the “maggot” in everyone, even we older jaded industry types. He loved being in this band and wore that like a badge of honor. I am so much more a fan of Slipknot than an active participant in their personal world, but as a fan my heart breaks for the loss of such a nice person, who greeted every fan with a smile and deep appreciation. He was one of the good guys- and his passing makes me sad.”

More thoughts and sympathies from Roadrunner’s worldwide staff will be added soon. Check back to read our testimonies, and let us know what Paul meant to you in the comments section below.

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