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Posted on April 13, 2010

Today sees the release of TAKING DAWN’S debut album here in the UK and Altsounds.com have loaded a frank and frankly hilarious interview today with lead singer Chris Babbitt to mark the occasion.

“I suppose artists (as we delusional musicians often fancy ourselves) only ever bitch when they feel like they don’t fit in the hole they’re condemned to.” comments Chris when asked about his dislike of pigeon-holing in music, “Ultimately everyone fits in ONE hole or another. It just seems like today there need to be more trenches connecting these damned holes to really give people an accurate idea of what they’re getting themselves into. For instance, when we were called an amalgamation of Guns n Roses, Skid Row, and Pantera by Metal Hammer, I was so flattered I needed new pants AND socks. When someone referred to us as a new take on Ratt and Dokken on an independent website, I wanted to self immolate (talk about Time to Burn, am I right?…listen, if you can’t handle cheesy jokes, it’s time to eject my friends). Like I said, it’s all about the hole you end up in. I’m more of the Down in a Hole, Hole in the Sky, Black Hole Sun type, so when I’m lumped in with bands I was never particularly fond of and who I don’t share any personal musical connection with I get pissy, lol. I’d rather Live in a Hole, but stay close to my kind ’cause they understand what burns in my mind (if anyone picks up on any of those references, then we’re holemates). I just don’t like the idea of people writing us off before they’ve even heard it because of ONE person’s take on where they think we should fit.”

Read the full interview here.

Also be sure to check out SCUZZ TV for the band’s Channel take-over, which airs tonight at 10pm, Wednesday (15/04) at 11pm and Friday (16/04) at 1am.

Time To Burn is now available on CD here in the UK from all good record stores! You can also order the CD online HERE.

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