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Posted on March 16, 2010

The GOD OF WAR EP hosts some big names from the Roadrunner Roster, but nesstling amongst the heavy hitters like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and DREAM THEATER you will see one of the newcomers to Roadrunner- TAKING DAWN.

Vocalist Chris Babbitt has written for the Decibel blog about being asked to provide a track for the God Of War III sounds track / the EP:

“We were almost immediately amped to record for Blood & Metal. I say almost because it took a minute for us to confirm that it wasn’t someone’s idea of a cruel joke. The chance to flex our chops next to some of metal’s legends, as well as some of our favorite contemporary acts, seemed just too good to be true. But lo and behold, someone at Roadrunner fucked up and accidentally sent US the contract instead of some titan like Machine Head or Dragonforce!” Babbitt continues “…we decided to pull something special out of our sexy little black bag. I’m talking metal as fucking fuck, like the equivalent of Rob Halford’s 16 inch, stainless steel, chrome studded, leather-bound, self-lubing diesel powered dildo, special —of which I have two on lay-away, the man has good taste. It had to be as sexy as Hetfield’s ‘88 ‘stache and Adrian Smith’s ‘86 mullet combined! All it took was a quick little studio session in LA with Logan, nicest fucking guy on the planet, Mader…”

Read more about the band recording with Logan and the full blog AT THIS LOCATION

God Of War: Blood & Metal is out now as a digital EP and available on the game of the same name. Taking Dawn’s debut release Time To Burn is available digitally now. It will be available on CD from April 26th. You can pre-order the CD / pick up the album digitally HERE.

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