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Posted on March 5, 2010

Cast your mind back and you will remember that we gave you the opportunity to put some questions to MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn. Well, now we bring you the answers to the questions we selected.

Liam Dixon, Manchester
Are you looking forward to finally getting to showcase the Blackening fully in the UK?

For sure… I mean after all the amazing support slots and festival slots and even the co-headline it’s cool just to do an hour and 45 random songs and rotated stuff everyday. I mean we definitely got inspired by the Metallica thing of where they had these wild card slots where they’d throw in this crazy song they rarely ever play and it was like ‘man that’s so cool’, ya know? Even if it doesn’t really work or kinda half the crowd’s going what the hell song is this? Ya know, the people that do get it, get it.

Charles Voisin
Hey Robb, I worried to hear that Phil Demmel used to faint on stage. How does Machine Head react to this ? Is there a part of apprehension during each gigs ?

Yeah I mean, ya know there was. But he’s been doing good so we haven’t been worried about it as much but ya know obviously when it was fresh after happening it’s kinda a little scary. I mean it’s a condition that he’s gonna have for and has had for almost 20 years now so it can happen at any time but it hasn’t happened in I guess… the last time was in probably about a year ago, and it was a year before that the time happened before that, so it seems like it’s levelled out.

Tony Davis
When will the next CD be recorded? and Will you use the Dimebag guitar again!?!

Next CD will probably be recorded maybe around November, December or January. I don’t know if I’d use the Dimebag guitar again. I don’t kno… I mean maybe. I mean it seemed really appropriate on ‘Aesthetics…’ It seemed like it meant something on that. But I kinda just have it in my jam spot.

Metal Monster
Us Machine Head fans are damn loyal, at shows that comes from us to you and it shows in your responses- the admiration you have for us- the thanks and the way you interact with us is truly outstanding. At what point in the MH bloodline did this become very apparent?

The Burning Red.. now that’s when.. erm ya know, that’s the first time that I noticed people crying in the audience, and I was like woah that’s pretty intense. Girls and guys ya know? And fans would come up to me and tell me these horrific stories and that how our music got them through that. Up until then it was like ‘yeaaahh you guys are cool’, which I am cool with, ya know but that was when it seemed like it went to a different connection level, with The Burning Red.

Dave West
You left the band last year, but came back after having therapy with Adam. How are things now. Should we be worried or are things going well?

Yeah I never left the band. It’s funny like how the mythology of things grows ya know? Like I never left the band. I never even said I quit. The press kinda turned it into ROBB FLYNN QUITS!! But it didn’t.


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