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Dana Dentata


Posted on December 19, 2009

When PORCUPINE TREE hit Wolverhampton recently on the final leg of the UK tour, we hopped on a train and caught up with the guys once again to get you an update on how things have been going since the release of The Incident. And it was damn awesome to catch another PT show, it has to be said! We cornered Gavin in their dressing room for a bit of a chin-wag…

RR UK: So, how are you today Gavin? Things been going well?
GAVIN: Yeah, we’re getting close to the end of the tour, so we’re excited about finishing it! I think we’ve done 52 dates with few only a few days off. I don’t think we had enough days off when we came back from America. We didn’t really recover from the jetlag so a few of us got colds and life living on a bus with a cold is pretty hard going but, you know, it’s gone pretty well! We’ve played to more people than ever and sold out more shows than ever – in bigger venues! So it’s been a great step up and we’re all really pleased about that.

The last time we spoke to you guys was around the release of ‘The Incident’, and your first stop was a tour of the US, so fill us in about how that went for you.
It went very well. Apart from the first two shows which nearly sold out, all of the other shows sold out. It was quite a short tour. We were told because of the recession that if we played outside of the areas like the West Coast or the East Coast or Chicago we would do quite badly because of the current climate. But to our surprise apart from the first two shows, as I said, every other show sold out and that was very encouraging. Then we went in to Canada. We did two or three shows in Canada and they sold out too, so it was great!

Fantastic! And then from there you came back to the UK before going in to Europe?
That’s right- I think we did two shows. We did Bristol and we did London. Then we went across, in to mainland Europe for four weeks. Actually six weeks, but we had a little break in the middle and now we’re here right at the very end, four shows to go in the UK and that is basically the end of that tour!

You’re going to Mumbai, I believe, before Christmas. Is that the first time you have played there?
It is, it is and we are excited to go. We are expecting more than ten thousand people to turn up. It’s gonna be mental!

Do you get any time when you’re there to have a look around?
I think we are going to have a day or so because we arrive a day before the concert and I think we’ve got most of the next day in Mumbai, after the concert so we’ll have a look round.

So what would you say has been the highlight of the past four months, touring the album thus far?
Probably the show we did at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. It was the biggest show. It was also, probably, the most exciting show we’ve done so far. It was amazing, I think there was five and half thousand people there. That sold out too, and that really was a great show.

So for anybody who’s not been able to make any of the shows, tell us a little bit about the structure of the shows, what you’ve been playing and what they’ve missed out on.
Okay normally, well not normally, we always, well, so far we played the whole of ‘The Incident’- the whole first disc, the whole 55 minute piece as the first half of the show. Then we take a 10 minute break and then we come back and play a selection of songs mainly from the previous three (albums) going back to ‘In Absentia’ plus two or three other things that we sometimes bring out from the old days. We wheel out, in an old wheel chair these old crappy songs (laughs). Normally we swap a few songs round in the second half of the show. It’s a selection of different things. I think the whole thing is about two hours fifteen minutes.

So what does the New Year hold?
In the New Year, we have some dates in Australia in February and we’re just receiving offers at the moment for different festivals in the summer. There’s talk of going back to America, to play a big festival in America and maybe going to South America and maybe back to Canada – I mean it’s all up in the air at the moment – these plans are still coming through…

Watch this space in the new year for updates re touring. Click here to buy ‘The Incident’ online.

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