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Dana Dentata


Posted on November 19, 2009

This week saw MADINA LAKE release the third single from current album ATTICS TO EDEN, ‘Welcome To Oblivion’ and so we thought it would be fitting therefore to subject vocalist Nathan Leone to our weekly grilling…

What were you doing when we interrupted you to do this?
Watching Dexter .. damn you!

Date of Birth?
May, 6th. That’s all ya get.

Where did you go to high school?
Palatine, IL USA

When you were at high school what did you want to be?
I wanted to be a professional footballer but in the States that’s not very realistic. Plus my size pretty much precludes me from anything competitive. I also wanted to be a CIA agent but the same problem (plus i’m a bit of a mangina) got me there.

First instrument you ever played?
Skin flute? Then guitar.

First band you ever played in and what you sounded like etc?
Blank Theory – we were like a pop metal band and put out 2 records on New Line. Not so much a fan of that bands work at this point. And the rest of the world seemed to agree.

Favourite food?
Well it used to be sushi but I’ve since discovered the wonderful world of Spanish tapas. They’re appetizer sized portions of delicious dishes, so you can order like 10 things as opposed to just one.

Beverage of choice?
PBR – since i can hardly taste the difference in beers, whatevers cheapest is usually best.

Biggest pet peeve on the road?
Keeping everything charged- computer, iPod, phone etc. Oh and our TM Bababooeys taste in music. He listens to GWAR and Insane Clown Posse. I’m just saying…

Track of the moment?
“Go Getta” by Yooung Jeezy and R Kelley.

Album of the moment?
Tom Waits “Scarecrows and Hummingbirds”

Movie of the moment?
Magnolia. Tom Cruise was fantastic in this movie and the frogs bit at the end was just genius!

When you look back on your career thus far, what is the most prominent moment?
Signing with Roadrunner. One of the only truly International labels allowing us to work all over the world. We’ve been lucky enough to travel to Japan, Australia, Europe, UK etc and have truly been able to develop a career. Most labels just focus on the States and 99% of bands are dropped before they even put out a record.

Random fact about you…
I accidentally pissed on my Dad. We were on a college football recruiting trip in North Carolina and the team got us retarded drunk and I crawled back to the hotel and into bed with my dad. We both woke up in a sea of urine. Sorry dad.

Single Welcome To Oblivion is available digitally now. Pick it up at iTunes by clicking the button below.
Madina Lake - Welcome to Oblivion (Intro Edit) - Single

You can grab the album HERE.

If you missed the last in the series, check out this Getting To Know You with George Pettit (Alexisonfire) and work your way back from there- CLICK!.

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