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Dana Dentata


Posted on June 20, 2009

When they were in the UK recently we sat down with Jon, bassist with Download pit-masters DEVILDRIVER and got him to shiffle his iPod and tell us about the first 5 tracks that came up. Here are the results:

Edge Of Sanity ‘The Aftermath II’
This is off the Crimson II album, which is a follow up to Crimson which is an album made up of one forty minute song. They are one of the coolest bands that nobody knows about! Again this is part of one track that tells a whole story. It’s really cool. I’m into the whole concept kinda stuff.

Slipknot ‘Butchers Hook’
All Hope Is Gone is one of the best metal albums to come out in the past year hands down. they’ve really outdone themselves. They’re one of the biggest metal bands in the world and also one of the heaviest out there too which is great for the scene. It shows heavy metal is standing strong in 2009.

King Diamond ‘Meet Me At Midnight’
This is from my least favourite King Diamond album (laughs) but I still have every single one and all the albums by Merciful Fate. I am King Diamond for Halloween always! He’s one guy I still need a pic with and would love to meet. He has his cat in some of his songs too- a black cat called Magic!

Blind Guardian ‘Run For The Night’
I LOVE Blind Guardian! Hands down the BEST power metal band out there! No one can touch the. They have more vocal track; the best concepts… I know no other power metal band out there that can touch them.

Entombed ‘Wolverine Blues’
I saw this on Beavis and Butt-head back in 93 when I was a kid and I was like ‘Holy shit! Wolverine’s in this video! Cool!’ and I went out and got the album! This was one of the first albums that got me into the heavier side of metal. I started with Metallica, Guns N Roser, pantera and then after this I started looking at other bands on Earache who they were signed to at the time and went from there.

DevilDriver release their new album PARY FOR VILLAINS on July 13th. You can pre-order your copy HERE.

Check out the previous ‘What’s On Your iPod’ with Matthew Leone (Madina Lake) HERE.


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