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Posted on November 28, 2008

ORGAN are so blown away by the wonder that is Aussie rockers AIRBOURNE that not only have they posted an interview, they have a run down on the bands UK accent to greatness and live reviews. To say they are GUSHING about the rock fury these guys bring down on thier audiences is a bit of an understatement…

They rocked and we want more! If you can’t get pumped-up excited at the front of an Airbourne show then get hell out of here and go play bingo or something! The place was rammed – hair and riffs flying everywhere – no time to mess about – Stand up, for Rock ‘n Roll! OK, so they sound pretty much exactly like primetime raw early AC/DC (with just a hint of Angry Anderson attitude). So damn what!!? What hell do you want? Blood!? You got it. AC/DC haven’t got out of their accountant’s office to make a decent record in years. Music this good is for blistering live nights this, music like this is for the street, for packed back room bars, music like is this is meant to be raw, loud and right there in your face, not for over-produced albums and school uniform wearing old men in giant stadiums. The place is sweating – everyone down the front is beer soaked and smiling great big shit-eating grins at each other – fists punching, lyrics chanted – Too Much Too Young Too Fast… Fat City… Girls In Black – The four of them up there, full on real deal open road Aussie bar-room rock via the teachings of The Easybeats, Rose Tattoo, The Angels and the whole damn lot. Relentless frontman O’Keeffe must have spent years dreaming of this night: he’s beaming as he yells “all the way from Warrnambool to London” as they hit the encore (that’s where they’re from you see, Warrnambool – they told us before the gig what a big deal it had been making it to the big city of Melbourne for a gig). Hey look, it ain’t noodle doodle chin stroking indie-schmindie rocket science – they came, we saw, they rocked, it was loud, it was we want more!

Read the full lowdown, interview and review at THIS LOCATION.

The guys are playing a SOLD OUT London Astoria tonight (27th November). Due to popular demand, there is an addtional show to the tour, with the band playing a 2nd night at the Astoria. There are still tickets available for the show. You can pick up tiockets on the door OR online HERE.

For more news on Airbourne, head to their NEWS PAGE


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