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Posted on February 12, 2008

We hired keyboard virtuoso Zach Roth (Still Remains) to interview the bands latest member Bone (Drums). 1. How did you get the name bone? A good friend of mine, Nate, gave me the name Bone so that people could say boner in front of my parents and it stuck 2. Are you really 12 years old? And if so, how do your parents feel about you skipping school? No I am actually 17 and am home/van schooled by our merchandise specialist Jordan Brinks. 3. If ‘twice’ is two ‘one’s’ why not do something once, the do it again? Once upon a time I did something. A little while later I ended up having to do it again but it only counted as backwards upside down. 4. Beef jerky of Gummies? Taco Bell 5. Who would win in a fight, McDonalds or Mick Jagger? Bob Vila 6. If Operah let you take over he show for one episode, who are your guests and what’s the episode about? The guests would be wide receiver Jerry Rice and a bag of tomatoes. The episode would be about the Olympic sport curling. 7. What do you hate more, sharks or frogs? I hate frogs. Sharks are sweet. 8. What’s better, fast or faster? Fastest is actually better than fast or faster. John is fastest! 9. Explain briefly how you met the sissy’s known as Still Remains? I have known the guys for a few years. My old band Anah Aevia (best band ever) and Still Remains grew up in the same scene playling many of the same shows. 10. True or false, are you always naked? Very much the opposite of not true. 11. If you could meet Godzilla or King Kong, who would you choose and why? I would meet the band Gojira. 12. Favourite bug? Taco Bell 13. Favourite CD you’re listening to at the moment? Pedro The Lion í¢ä‰åäóì Control 14. Should Roadrunner hire Zach to write more interviews? YES! Oooooooooooooooh 15. What are you planning to bring into the mix on the next Still Remains record? More thrash! I really have no idea. I feel like my drumming style changes quite often. I have a million different things affecting my playing. REMEMBER: STILL REMAINS – OF LOVE AND LUNACY is OUT NOW


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