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Unto Others


Posted on February 12, 2008

After playing Spanish Inquisition with Bone, Zach from Still Remains turns his wit on the unsuspecting vocalist from Every Time I Die, Keith Buckley1. Who’s the boss REALLY, Bruce Springsteen or Tony Danza? That’s kind of ironic isn’t it? Bruce Springsteen’s songs were written for and about hard working men like Tony Danza. So i ask YOU, who really IS the boss? 2. If you had to sing one song, acapella while sky diving, which song would you choose and why? The “what the fuck am i doing an extreme sport for?” song 3. You can rid the world of one of the following, which do you choose: Jay Leno, mayonnaise, frogs, breakdowns, disco, or ‘your mother’ jokes. Anything other than “breakdown” or “your mother” jokes, since my new band is a combination of the two. 4. Milk preference, 2%, 1%, or skim? SOY!!! I BET YOU NEVER THOUGHT ID SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH!!!! 5. What’s your favorite ETID song at the current moment? Why? The “what the fuck am i doing an extreme sport for?” song i just wrote. 6. Count Chocula. Vampire? Or poser? bujfvrbujfvrbuRUHORFUOH that was me headbutting the keyboard in disbelief. 7. Do you think the food in the U.K. is a hit or a major miss? I love kebabs. Maybe not the taste but the fact that i will voluntarily eat meat that was SHAVED off of a stick. 8. You’re driving down the highway and HAVE to hit one of the following animals, what do you hit: a deer, a dog, a gorilla, a large pack of birds, or foghorn leghorn? A gorilla, because then i would nurse him back to health and he would owe me and do me favors for the rest of his life. 9. Did you cry at the end of E.T.? No i was jerking off 10. What are you thinking about right……………NOW!? If you dont have anything nice to say…..


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