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You Ask Dez of Coal Chamber – Pt 2

Posted on February 12, 2008

Before heading to the next 10 fan questions, one line Dez wanted to relay to you all – “by the way, new Coal Chamber page up this week…Dark Days is coming. Love Dez.” 1 – hey dez, I heard somewhere a while back that you have something going on with a record company of your own. Is there any truth to this? Anything to look forward to? -Johnny P Dez – yes, I have a record company, it is called Sever Records. I’ve been very fortunate to have people take their time out to see my bands or council me on the label, such as Tony Berg and Todd Sullivan of Virgin, as well as Ron of Capital, and many members of the Roadrunner staff. It is my hope in ten years to provide 20 bands with the opportunity to receive fair contracts and an opportunity to see the world. I have signed 3 acts, the first to speak of would be Motograter – a band from Santa Barbara, CA. They’re a five piece act, they don’t have a bass or a guitar. They play this thing called a motograter, it’s an instrument that Bruce Butler of Motograter designed. It’s a percussive instrument that replaces the bass and guitar in one. They’re crazy, they all have shaved heads, and they paint themselves with a combo of grease, white & black paint, and dirt. It’s the most raw thing I’ve ever seen. Wait till you see these guys, you’re gonna shit! 2 – Hello Dez, were you ever considering releasing a studio version of your song Anxiety? I love that song, and will we hopefully be expecting you in Australia anytime soon after the release of Dark Days? Thank you. -Julian E Dez – Yes, we’re doing a version of “Anxiety” on DARK DAYS. And we’re looking forward to coming to Australia this time around. 3 – i hope this gets to you dez. my name is jay and i’m a vocalist in a local kitchener, canada band named Prodd. i’ve been listening to you guys for quite a while now and i have amassed a great deal of respect for you. it would probably be safe to say you are one of my biggest influences. anyway, my question is: How much does Coal Chamber’s songs change from demo to album? Is it drastic, or moderate, or whatever? i just wanted to get a general idea of how much adding a producer to the mix will change my bands record when recorded. keep up the good work P.S: i’m not gay or nuthin’ but you’re a sexy bastard -RuKaSu San Dez – they change 65% from demo to album, either in tempo or in structure. Words don’t often change. However, I’ve been know to write some choruses that after recording you just go ‘oh no, fuck that one.’ It’s a process of growth. Adding a producer changes things greatly. ROSS HOGARTH has finally given us the sound that I think we’ve been searching for over the past 4 퉌_ years. ps – sexy’s good…sexy’s good… 4a – WHAT DOES COAL CHAMBER THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE OF MUSIC, AND ESPECIALLY WHAT DO YA’LL THINK ABOUT THE CURRENT MOVEMENT OF MUSIC TODAY, -Rudy C Dez – first of all, let me tell you a story: there’s a turtle floating down the river and the turtle stops at an embankment where a scorpion asks “may I have a ride across this river?” To which the turtle answers “If I let you on my back, you will surely sting me.” After some convincing, the scorpion boards the turtles back for the other side of the river. Halfway through the journey, the scorpion stings the turtle. The turtle says “why have you stung me in the middle of this journey? Now we will both die.” To which the scorpion answers, “it is in my nature to sting.” Of course, a reference to mankind and the nature of mankind. As for the future of music, I hope it evolves and changes as it always has. I’ve never cared about what is trendy or popular, and I certainly won’t start now. 4b – DO YA’LL ADVOCATE LISTENING TO MANY STYLES OF MUSIC TO BROADEN THE SENSES AND TO HELP ASPIRING MUSICIANS CREATE A WIDE ARRANGEMENT OF MUSIC THAT COULD BE HEARD BY ALL, AND NOT SEGREGATE ANY PERSONS OUT WHO ENJOY MUSIC AS AN ART, AS A FORM OF ESCAPE, OR AS A FORM TO HELP SOLVE PROBLEMS IN A POSITIVE AND HUMAIN WAY? -Rudy C Dez – Yes, I listen to a wide array of music. Everything from blues to jazz to black metal. However, I think the mixing of the genres at this point is beginning to water down the core effort that all of the heavy bands have been trying to bring to the forefront. I don’t mean this in that bad of a way, I just think I’d like to hear a band know who they really are for a change..instead of hearing 15 different styles. thanks for the intelligent question. 5 – Did u get any negativity towards the last record? If so was that any type of inspiration for dark days? -FeaRXiNsaNiTy Dez – We got as much negative as we did positive…which is always a great thing in art. No on the inspiration 6 – can you please give dez this number (xxx) xxx-xxxx and tell him he can call me collect. and ask him if he got my package. also ask if singing lessons were frustrating, and how did it affect him musically. -? Dez – Yes, we got your package. Anyone telling you to sing differently than you do, is frustrating as hell. Just be you at all times. 7 – Will you work more with Nikki Sixx in the future? What do you think about him as a person? What do you think about your fellow labelmates Machine Head? Regards -Jim Dez – Yes I’m gonna work with Nikki again, I think he’s a great individual, an amazing talent, and one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met. And should I get the chance to learn from him again, of course I’ll take it. Machine Head, I owe Machine Head everything in Europe. They were the 1st band to take us to Europe on a big tour, and I respect them as musicians. 8 – First let me say that coal chamber has been a huge influence on me in my life and music with drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Thanks. Anyways, With the new album in the making, do you have a message on this one? And what is your favorite song on the new album? Thanks. -Franky from Sonora Dez – The message is the same that Coal Chamber always had – always be yourself. Favorite song on the new album….ahhhh….I’ve got 7 favorites right now – “Drove”, “One Step”, “Alienate Me”, and “Dark Days” are just a few. 9 – What are the best memories you have of meeting fans in Europe?, especially in England where I am from ,as seeing you perform from virtually touching distance and meeting all of you on you your first visit really changed the way I now see bands, as after all ,you are just human beings! Cheers Dez!!! -Peter M Dez – Thank you. You get it. We’re all just individuals out there doing our own thing. If we can touch a life in any way, that means a lot to me. I love the UK. My favorite time was a Virgin Records in store in London. It felt like we had arrived…Guess what, we’re coming back. 10 – what is the current vibe of the album? will it stray to what was recorded by dez on the “strait up” album, or will the feel be more like “my mercy” and “burgundy” off chamber music? -Onder Dez – Going more towards Funeral Flights than ever.


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