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You Ask Dez of Coal Chamber – Pt 1

Posted on February 12, 2008

Still want more? Here’s another 20 fan questions which Dez took the time to field while he is on break from the recording of their 3rd LP. 1 – Question for Dez…How does this record compare to your other LP’s? Would you say It’s heavier/softer or more emotional or aggressive? – Karl R Dez – Way more aggressive, way more emotional, and about 10 times heavier than the first one. For me, this record is an all out assault. Every song feels live. What I mean by that is we can play every one of these live and they would work. 2 – First off, I’d like to extend much respect to the band for the all of the great music they’ve given us. My main question is rather simple and to the point: Will this next record rip some serious shit up? Your last album, while heavy at times & impressive, don’t get me wrong, seemed to be a departure from your debut, which was an all-out assault. “Funeral Flights” was great and I was wondering if that is an indication of what’s to come (at least vocally). Also, any influence/contributions from Amir? Thanks for your time! Adam Dez – Yes, “Funeral Flights” (done on the Lynn Strait tribute) is a great indication. What we did with the 2nd album was try to jump out of our genre, which maybe we did too much…but it’s always good to stretch your wings. This album, we went much more for heavy hook than overall melody. Amir came into the studio for 2 weeks, but the contributions were very little. We do thank him very much for his time. We also wish Amir the very best…he was going through some issues at the time. 3 – DEZ, with today’s music fans turning into roman mobs, crying “sellouts” after the release of every bands second record, how do you think the fans will receive your third,”Dark Days”? And how does the band feel about working in such a climate? PS make sure you come back to SEATTLE!!!!!! – chad b Dez – Hmmm, this is a hard one…This album is out of control. I think it’s going to be a defining moment in our genre. We’re stepping outside of ourselves once again. I think they’ll receive this album with open arms as being straight forward heavy and hooky. 4 – I have been listening to you guys for around 4 years now and have seen you a dozen times in concert. Any idea who you will be touring with and when? Sean Z Dez – No ideas right now, but I’d love to go out with everybody. I can’t wait to be on the stage again… 5 – what are your favorite movies? sickness87 Dez – Favorite movies? hmmmm, Cool Hand Luke, Evil Dead, A Bronx Tail, and right now I’ve been watching a lot of old Sabbath footage. 6 – what is the most memorable concert you have played and why? see ya in reno. piece…………..not peace Xplicitlyryx Dez – In Prague, in front of about 100,000 people with Sabbath and Pantera. Why? That speaks for itself. 7 – Hello, I have been a fan of yours since i heard “Loco” on the radio way back when.. And i have noticed the big difference in sound from “Coal Chamber” to “Chamber Music”. I was wondering if this is because of more money and more time in the Studio? Or if maybe you have evolved as a band? Or anything of this sort. If you could answer this that would be great.. I would really love to know Love, Ri Dez – All of the above – more money, more time, and striving to do something in our genre that sounded different at the time. 8 – When you guys tour to promote the new album, are you going to do arenas (boo hiss boo) like you did with type-o-negative or smaller club-like places (YaY! *COUGH COUGH main event in toledo, ohio COUGH*)? Dan D Dez – Not sure right now, we might open up for somebody if there’s good tours going out, or we’ll put together our own tour with a bunch of great bands. This time out, back to 6 shows a week for as long as our bodies can handle it. 9 – Did u get any negativity towards the last record? If so, was that any type of inspiration for dark days? FeaRXiNsaNiTy Dez – We got as much negative as we did positive…which is always a great thing in art. ‘No’ on the inspiration part of the question. 10 – is there any guests on the new cd? FeaRXiNsaNiTy Dez – I’m looking forward to having the singer from Motograter, and Bruce who plays the motograter (an instrument Bruce designed) come on for a track. As well, Jay Diablo from Dragpipe might come out mid-August and do a track with me. 11 – U say on the roadrunner website that all the rumors are true. The rumors i hear is that the band is on the edge of breaking up, thus leading to the dropping off of tattoo. Any truth to that rumor? FeaRXiNsaNiTy Dez – We did 5 퉌_ years on the road straight – touring, making an album in a foreign town, or just being in foreign towns. My mother was battling for her life with cancer, and the band was at its breaking point both emotionally and physically. “If you love something, set it free. If it’s meant to be, it will come back you see.” (that last line is actually a lyric from Dark Days, and should answer the question) 12 – Please read this even though it looks kinda long!! Being a huge fan of your music, and of your lyrics, I can see that the lyrics from your first self-titled album, and the lyrics from your 2nd album (Chamber Music) vary greatly as far as the inspiration and the meaning behind them. In your first album, you show a lot of emotion in your lyrics and singing, and with great aggression…and this being due to the difficult times you were encountering. Now in your 2nd album…you still had all that emotion, and aggression, but it was a completely different form. It was like you evolved, and your lyrics had become more matured…and this because you had overcome the difficult times that inspired your lyrics on your self-titled. Now..my question…I know you’ll have all that emotion and aggression as you always do, but how is it going to be in this album…meaning what is the force that inspired the majority of your lyrics in this album? How will the feel of the lyrics be this time? How are they reflecting the way your life is at present, the way they did in your first two albums? Courtney — Dez’s sweetangel Dez – I’m approaching this piece of work from a very raw standpoint. The lyrics will reflect at times very cagey, powerful emotion. The majority of the lyrics are inspired by things gone through by the band, and the turbulent times in my personal life over the past 2 years. Trust me, vocally I will not let you down on this one. 13 – Hey dez if you happen to read this, it’s Noah! long time no fucking speak. My question is: How have you think you’ve grown both as a vocalist and as a band over the past 2 years, how has this affected your music? -NOAH S. New York City Dez – Noah, how you doing? Please send your father my warmest regards. The band has dealt with many things in the last 2 years, all of them creating a great album. As for me as a singer, you’re just going to have to check out the new album. I didn’t grow…I just went backwards and found my heart again. 14 – I have always considered Coal Chamber as an innovative and unique metal band. Many spin-offs have spawned since your first album that are reflective of your style. Before the ever expanding labeled genre of “Nu-metal” was a house hold name, Coal Chamber was shaking and changing the music scene. Where do you see the future of Coal Chamber with Dark Days? Will it be a intentional progressive change from what we have seen in the past or, will it be more of a continuation from your previous material? Brandon J – N. Carolina Dez – I’d like to see Dark Days propelled into a huge national level, far eclipsing anything we’ve done in the past. 15 – ask them if it is difficult to write music? painedsoul Dez – Doing any art shouldn’t be difficult. but when there’s four different artists involved, sometimes it becomes difficult. But in a sense that always breeds great art. 16 – Hey Dez, Just want to say that I’ve been a fan since the debut album and I even got a chance to meet you in Ft Lauderdale. Needless to say, it was a very high point in my life. The first album was very emotional, raw and breakthrough for the time. Metal was just coming back and you broke out with that record and it was like a bomb in my stereo. Chamber Music though didn’t seem to have the same feeling as the first. Not that it wasn’t good because the song “Untrue” was and still is one of my all time favorite songs. It was missing something though, to me at least. How would you compare Dark Days to Chamber Music ? Ps..CANNOT WAIT TO SEE U IN CONCERT AGAIN!!!! Darren West Palm Beach, FL Dez – Everything you missed in Chamber Music will be given to you in huge, overdosing baskets in Dark Days. Thanks for your question, enjoy the new album. 17 – Hey Coal Chamber, I was wondering, are you folks gonna take your tour into Reno again? I remember you guy played a hell of a set when you came years ago, with meagadeth. i didn’t even wanna stay for their set you guys were so good. i hope you guys play here again, and i know your new album is gonna kick ass. have a good one, Derik. Dez – Yeah, we’d love to come to Reno again. had a great time when we were there last, and the crowd treated us wonderful. See you soon. 18 – I really really want to ask dez how come no bands ever play Baltimore. I’m from baltimore and there are never any bands to play baltimore…could you guys possible play baltimore MD???????????? Number 1 Chamber Fan, Dez D Dez – We’ve played Baltimore before…we’d love to come back. 19 – Hy mates! Me as a great Coal Chamber Fan from Switzerland would like to take this opportunity of asking Dez a question. The question is very simple but quite important to me. Dez, are you coming for a tour through Europe?!? I really hope so as I know that European Fans can’t wait to see Coal Chamber’s fucked up show again!!! We are waiting for Coal Chamber, no matter when you come over here. But sure we would be glad if you would come soon… Lots of greetings from a huge Coal Chamber, and also a Roadrunner Records Fan (the bands are just cool) Buesikiller Dez – Yes, we’re coming. Soon if possible. While we’re not there, check out some of your local black metal bands bro…cause that’s all I’m listening to right now. Gothenburg is one of my favorite places. 20 – Over the past two albums a main focus in your songs for people to get out of is that you should never be ashamed of who you are no matter what the scene or moment is. After reading the interview on the RR website, Dez stated that the album is a rock and roll album and that the Lp centers around pain. My question is will this new soon to be released LP have any notions or references to self expression? Thank you so much for Viewing This Dirk G. Dez – Finally someone who gets it. And yes, many, many references. Thanks for your time. “We’re working in a very vibey place,” tells Coal Chamber vocalist Dez Fafara. Not only Appetite For Destruction (Guns N Roses), but Girls, Girls, Girls (Motley Crue) and Core (Stone Temple Pilots) were all recorded where Dez is currently sitting – Rumbo Studios in Cali. His description of the studio includes the vision of a million lights twinkling, and hundreds of candles and lava lamps everywhere. “It’s crazy, it’s cool, I wish you could see it,” Dez tells. His enthusiasm boils over to producer Ross Hogarth, “I’ve never worked with a producer like Ross Hogarth…someone who knows exactly what he wants, and gets it every time…and won’t accept anything less than 130%.” So, how are things going over at Rumbo now that the Dark Days recording is nearing completion? The following is a message from Dez, as spoken from the studio between takes on July 10, 2001: “We’re making a rock n roll album. We’ve got 14 songs done – just adding guitar overdubs and vocals right now. Started vocals 3 days ago, and it’s moving along at an intense pace. The songs are energetic, the whole album has a live feel. Lyrically it covers all the emotions that I’ve gone through in the last 2 years – which are pain, pain, and pain. I usually come in at 10:30 am, and after a couple cups of tea, start drinking wine about 11:30. Usually hit the mike around noon, work until 9:00 pm, then Meegs comes in for overdubs until 1:00 am. I prefer the afternoon hours for vocals because my energy is high, and weed and wine affect me strangely in the afternoon. Look forward to no less than 12 classic Coal Chamber tunes. With the help of our label and our new management, we look forward to a fall slaughter of all the crap that you’ve been fed the past year. Know that the band is working extremely hard on this critical record, and all the rumors about us are true – We’re a true rock ‘n’ roll band. It was good to have the last 8 months of downtime to really realize who the fuck we are and what the fuck we are – and we’ll follow through with that thought on Dark Days. -Dez Fafara 07/11/2001


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