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Who the hell are Anyone?

Posted on February 12, 2008

In an email received from ANYONE bassist Static, some biographic words written on ANYONE were attached. These next two paragraphs detail how ANYONE was formed and where the name came from. Enjoy, and welcome to the world of ANYONE … “Anyone was born from the smoldering remains of a highly experimental trio called SYLVIA in 1995. Comprised of Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) on drums, Juano (Sky Cries Mary) on bass, and singer/songwriter/guitarist Riz Story, the bands short, drug blurred life proved to be the embryo for what would later become the most innovative band of the new millennium. Story found himself with no rhythm section when Hawkins left to back bubblegum rocker Alanis Morrisette, and Juano relocated to Seattle. He began jamming with soft spoken New Jersey transplant Dave “NIPPLES” Murray. Murray had grown tired of the stagnant musical forms back home and had come to Huntington Beach to find a band that could accommodate his power and still be sensitive to his finesse. The search for a bassist ended when Story and Nipples encountered a strange creature which called itself STATIC. Discussions on the origin of the strange name were silenced when STATIC plugged in his instrument and proceeded to produce the loudest and most heavily distorted bass tone the two had ever heard. Story renamed the band ANYONE, a name that he’d been saving for his first born child.” This is the act that people are saying is what you get when you mix Janes Adddiction, Rush, and Pink Floyd all together into one. Last week ANYONE finished re-tracking their debut LP “IS YOU” with Mudrock (Godsmack) – who according to the band, brought out the true MAXIMUM ACID sound of ANYONE. “The new recordings are totally edgy, and MAXIMUM. The band is elated!” tells bassist Static.


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