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What They Say About Five Pointe O

Posted on February 12, 2008

What the online community is saying about Five Pointe O’s debut release (i.e. not one word from our trap): “Five Pointe O will assault you with death metal and hardcore battery, and seduce you with heartfelt metalcore/emo melodies, as they recklessly tear through musical sequences inspired by every branch of modern metal. www.uraniummusic.com “From epic dirges to in your face vehemence, “Untitled” runs the gamut of sound and emotion.” www.theprp.com “The art created within the confines of “Untitled” will draw you into a web of devastating beauty that will leave you shaking and disoriented.” www.the-eko.com “This six piece is looking to create destructive and emotional mayhem. With the piercing ‘King of the Hill’, the tribal drumming and cranking riffs in ‘Purity 01’ to the slow, hard hitting unity in ‘Sympathetic Climate Control’ you will feel the beast and beauty that this band can throw at you.” www.eastcoastromper.com “í¢ä‰åŒ_this hardcore outfit from the Windy City rages, yet unlike other hardcore outfits of this ilk, they also have an operatic quality.” www.nyrock.com “The bottom line, Five Pointe O bring something new and different to the plate and are well worth your attentioní¢ä‰åŒ_” www.antimusic.com “By blending melody, beautifully crafted song writing and death metal growls, the end result is truly amazing.” www.noizepollution.com “Five Pointe O combine a startling mix of different metal forms – modern metal, hardcore, double-kick thrash and more- to create destructive and emotional mayhem that will no doubt get this band recognized over the next year or so.” www.inverse-music.com “Five Pointe O has a full CD that is packed with raw energy and emotion that transpires itself into a sound that is unmatched by any other band in today’s music scene” www.nosebleed17.com “‘Untitled’ can appeal universally–to any kind of fan, be it nu-metal, metalcore, metal, or and even fans of electronic metal and things like that, which is one of the many admirable things about Five Pointe 0.” www.undevoured.com “It is this no holds barred approach that makes ‘Untitled’ an album, not one hit and 10 other filler songs. I have always thought that music was something more then just something to dance or mosh to. Five Pointe O proves my theory correct.” www.megakungfu.com


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