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We Are An Extreme Metal Band

Posted on February 12, 2008

Checking in with Cradle Of Filth’s Dave Pybus, in week 3 of the recording of the new album. “I guess this report is turning into a weekly affair as things here in the studio are moving at a great pace. It’s all top drama, for sure. Things go good, things go bad. Pretty stressful being here in the middle of it all. That’s the name of the game though. If you can’t stand the heat… erm… go to the pub! If you can’t go to the pub… go to the toystore! Me, Martin and engineer Steve Carter took a quick break and drove to the Modellers Loft toystore which saw me spending near 퉌£300 on ‘War Criminals of the 20th Century’ Dolls. Amazing. I could have spent ten grand, easy!!! Anyways, I’m sure you’re not reading this for my personal interests, although the band this week has taken a turn in Paul and Martin revealing their innerselves by finally adding their members chambers to the Cradle Of Filth website. They assured me to finish them by adding photos this week and watch for Dani’s to be updated soon. Maybe I can get James to add his too. As for the album… lots going on with us recording the last few drum tracks for the songs on the album, plus a few extras, including the rumoured SAMHAIN cover ‘Halloween II’ (from their 1987 album ‘November-Coming-Fire’). Funny how my bass amp blew on recording the first four bars, delaying recording for a few hours. Jinx or what! Guitar tracks are sounding great on top of the previously recorded drum and bass tracks we did in the first 2 weeks. Can’t wait to start adding keyboards and samples (spooky noises especially) to give the songs their true feel. Anyone out there who’s wondering how ‘electronic’ it’s gonna sound should be aware it’s not fucking ‘Dance’ music we are doing. We are an EXTREME METAL band utilising different elements to produce a certain atmosphere in the vein of early John Carpenter soundtracks. Like, say, you could cite the Hellraiser movie soundtracks as influence on the orchestra on ‘Damnation’, keyboards are just as effective in creating a horror feel. Maybe some sad people out there should get off certain unhealthy message boards and go and educate themselves in different kinds of music before slagging us few who are actually doing this for the love of horror music and trying to push the envelope a little. Next week we are gonna start the competition to win exclusive items from the studio. Watch this space for details.” Dave


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